Monday, May 30, 2016

Observing Memorial Day - things to do.

I’m actually going to do something today. Lois and Rusty invited me to the Memorial Day service at the cemetery so I am going to that, and there is an early dinner at the cafe around the corner this afternoon. I am planning on going to that too. It has been over a week since I have spent any money, so I guess I can splurge.

Vicki, Bea, and Lois cleaned up the memorial park here yesterday and put some flowers under the sign. 

Photo courtesy of Vicki Turek

I didn’t do much of anything yesterday. I did baby my stomach as it was still upset. I had to eat of course, but I didn’t eat a whole lot. I am hungry this morning, so I guess things are getting back to normal. I wish I were one of those people that could get away with just not eating, but I’m not. 

It was about 74 degrees when I walked this morning. Very nice. We hit 104 yesterday, briefly. We are supposed to be in the 114 vicinity in a few days. I turned the AC back up to 83. 82 was comfortable, so I added one more degree. Save a few pennies.

I ran the swamp cooler about an hour before bed time last night and again, I went right off to sleep. I just have to fill it up some time during the day to make sure it is ready for night. I wish it had six hours on the timer, but I guess four will have to do. I never hear it turn off.

I ate one of the tomatoes that I grew. The outside was tough, but it was tasty. I have a couple more ripening now, then I will prune the plants and see if I can over-summer them. Maybe I can get some more tomatoes in the fall. Today I order some more veggies from the bountiful basket. I have to say, I did eat much better with that stuff in the house, and now I have my dehydrator too so I can process what I can’t eat. It only takes a few days in the Arizona desert to dehydrate anything. I’ll probably get the additional grill pack too. I still have a few things left from the last one, but it should pretty much be gone by Saturday. I downloaded a recipe for roasted zucchini and peppers yesterday and will make that tomorrow since I will be eating out this afternoon.

I may also go to the picnic in the park at 6 tonight sponsored by the town. Might see if Keith is available. He owes me a ride in his convertible.

Just had a tarantula hawk buzzing around the yard, but wasn’t quick enough to get a picture of it. It is this giant flying bug that has a nasty sting that is off the pain scale. It won’t sting you unless you force it to. It lays eggs in live tarantulas. Not too many of those around here so we don’t see the bugs all that often. 

I have started bringing my big camera out with me in the mornings since I missed the coyote shots the other day. Hopefully I will get another opportunity.

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