Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lots and lots of fresh veggies

This is what I got in my Bountiful Basket and the grill pack.


I have already eaten the blackberries and cut and had some of the cantaloup. I had to ask what kind of peppers those were and I have been told they are anaheim peppers. They have a slight bite to them but are not hot. So I have lots of veggies now, no excuse. I need to find something to do with all the celery. I already had some in the fridge. I guess maybe I will throw together a veggie soup in the crock pot. It’s only supposed to be in the 80’s and is quite breezy, so it is a good day for it.

I resurrected the compost bin that Jake and I used in VT. I hate throwing that stuff out and the bunnies will eat some of it. They are pretty fussy tho. The whole watermelon I threw out yesterday is still there under the grapefruit tree. I figure if the critters don’t want it, the tree will get it. Stuff dries out pretty fast here.

Glen and Diane just left. They stopped in to say goodbye. They might be back before fall as they think they may have sold their Oregon place. It is pretty freakin quiet here now. Not many people left, one or two stragglers and the half dozen or so full time residents. No one left to play with.

I have been considering having a box installed from the trailer to the house with an indoor plug. Would be really nice if I could run my fan inside on solar power from outside. Maybe a few other things too. It is there and isn’t being used, and if I could save a few bucks even better. Or I could just run an extension cord. Would have to make sure any cracks or crevices were sealed so nothing could get in and I wouldn’t be loosing cooled air. I guess an extension cord would be the best way to start, I have those and it wouldn’t cost anything.

It wasn’t hot hot yesterday, but I was getting warm near the end of the day so I took a dip in the cool tub while my pizza was in the oven. I have used it almost every day and some days several times. Depends on the temps. And the water is crystal clear now that I have the filter pump working. I keep it covered to keep the bugs and leaves and feathers out. I still have to sweep the patio pretty much every day. I don’t know where all the leaves come from.  Next street over I guess since there are no real trees anywhere around me. And the birds are constantly dropping feathers. I should find something to do with them. Most of them are downy.

Well, I guess it is time I got myself moving. There are several things I want to do like the cleaning, hooking up the scooter to the solar, etc. Oh, and my soup. Maybe a cream of celery soup would be nice. That would get rid of the oldest celery. Maybe I will dry some too. Hmmm….I could make a dryer out of the two adjustable screens I have in the shed. OK, so I have another project. Now I will have to find a place to hang it too.

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