Sunday, May 1, 2016

Windows are done

Got a little bit more done after I wrote yesterday. I finished up the mail box and hung it up. It is pretty plain right now, might decorate it later.

Then I went on and got the rest of the shower curtains hung over the windows including the little one in the bathroom I felt a lot of heat come in the tiny bathroom window last year. It doesn’t have an awning over it like the rest of the windows on that side. I may have to put something else in there at some point, but this should help for now. Makes it pretty dark in there tho.

Here are the rest that I did yesterday. So I still have sunlight, but hopefully less heat. I put one under the insulated drapes too.


I didn’t do a whole lot in the afternoon, read a book. I stayed outdoors until lunch time, the afternoon I spent indoors. 

Today is the last Sunday breakfast out. Just as well, it costs me $10 each time. That adds up.

I really don’t have much to write about this morning. I do need to spend some time online and figure out where our road trip is going to be. And this week I should finally get my cool tub. I have ideas about how to curtain that off and my canvas drop cloths came yesterday. But I need to see how much space it is going to take up before I put anything together.