Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cactus and coyotes

Well, the big fan works on the solar, but not happily. Just not enough juice and too much extension cord and power loss. Oh well, it was worth a try. At least I know if there is a power outage I can run it if I need to. The scooter was fully charged and I am sure I will find something else I can run off the solar. So much energy just waiting to be used.

I got my shower, the water has been fixed, and off I went on a fully charged scooter to Sal’s. I got a sheer curtain to make a cover for the food dehydrator, a pillow sham to make a seat cover for the scooter, a couple of tops and a small mexican style dish. 

I made the cover for the food dryer and got that hung outdoors. Should keep the bugs away. Hopefully. I also put a drawstring on the pillow sham and covered the scooter’s vinyl seat. Arizona and black vinyl…do I need to say more? Not crazy about the green on the blue so I will keep my eyes open for something a little more suitable. It didn’t take long to do.

I want to change the crate on the back of the scooter. I have a rectangular black one that came from the trailer that I would like to use. Will need to figure out how to support it tho.

I have two tomatoes that are getting ripe. Once they have ripened, I am going to prune the plant and try to keep it alive during the summer. I would like to have more tomatoes in the fall. It will be too hot for it to produce during the summer. It is putting out blossoms, but no new fruit now.


Saw several cactus blooming this morning. One is just on the other side of my fence, the other is the next street over. My cactus has another bud that will bloom in a few days.

 I don’t have much else to write about this morning. Not much on the agenda for today. I do need to deal with the bananas and some of the other stuff that was in the basket. They are too far gone for me to eat, I prefer mine with some green still on them. These didn’t have any green when I got them, and the stems were gone too, so the ends are all mushy. Gonna blend them up with some french vanilla creamer and make ice cream (of sorts).

I saw another coyote when I was on my way to Sal’s yesterday. He/she was just trotting up the road near the east wash. It ran when it saw me. Probably bunny hunting. That makes three in the last week. Before that I only saw one when I was camped out in the desert. No pictures. I will have to start carrying my little pocket camera. I could have used the phone, but the picture wouldn’t have been any good, it was too far away to get any details.

Keith is currently traveling up the Pacific Coast Highway. I'm envious. I should have gone with him. Oh well. I will make it there some day. His pictures are amazing.


  1. Something I like to do with bananas that are well over ripe is to slice them into coin shapes and lay them on wax paper on a cookie sheet and freeze them...then eat them like a snack while frozen. I think they taste a bit like a banana shake