Saturday, May 7, 2016

Patio curtains

About the only thing I did yesterday was get the curtain up for the cool tub. I will have to do it over. I couldn’t get the cable tight enough since I didn’t have any cable clamps, but I have larger canvas drop cloths on the way and will wait until they get here to do it. I’m pretty pleased with it tho. It will work just fine. I even have a PVC stick on it to open and close it. The back side will also have a canvas drop cloth curtain as it is right next to the neighbors back door. The side the tub is on has the shed blocking the view from the outside, so that doesn't need a curtain. Plus it lets in the light.

I also need to make a cover for the tub. Not sure with what or how yet. But I will get it figured out.

I rearranged the concrete blocks and have to get a few more plus some toppers to cover the holes. I think I am going to go up one more row on the back one so I will have a spot to put a few things. Maybe a plant or two or some interesting rocks. I did redo the ones where the holes are showing so they don’t show now. This pic is before I did that.

It wasn’t warm enough yesterday to use the tub, only upper 70’s. Today is supposed to be about the same and warm up steadily to the 100’s by Wednesday or Thursday. I will definitely be using it by then.

We did get a bit of rain yesterday. Not a measurable amount tho. Chance of a few showers today. It doesn’t rain very often and we don’t have cloudy days all that much either. When the storms come in off the coast, we usually just get the wind, the actual weather goes northeast.

Today I am thinking of going to the other thrift shop. Sal’s is on their summer schedule and are only open Monday thru Wednesday. The other shop is open Thursday thru Saturday, and they both are only open until 1. I need to get out of the house as I haven’t been out since I went to the post office on Monday. I may go to Herbs to get the stuff I need to finish up this project too. At some point I am going to have to get a few groceries. I used up the last of my mushrooms and peppers yesterday. Not much left in there. Although I would like to get some of the older stuff in the freezer used up. Not much in the way of meat in there, but there are some veggies, some blue cheese and some feta. I could start some sprouts too. 

I guess I need to reseed my little bench garden. It has been way too long and basically nothing has come up but a few little plants. Not sure why. The soil I got at Herbs was kind of moldy when I got it, so maybe that is what the problem is. It also has those little gnats in it. The eggshells have helped with that some, but it hasn’t completely gotten rid of them. I am going to try some cinnamon too. Can’t hurt. I have never had this much trouble gardening in the past. But then again, I haven’t lived in the arid desert in the past either.

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