Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Getting warmer

Yesterday was an OK day. Went to the Memorial Day service at the cemetery. It was short and sweet. I took a few pictures with the big camera, but nothing of note. I came back, read for a while and then went to an early dinner at the cafe. I had the fish basket - fish, fries and cole slaw. The cole slaw wasn’t very good. Way too much dressing on it. The fish was ok and the fries were ok. Not enough to bring any home for later. Their quality just isn't consistent there.

I only read one book yesterday.

Gonna be a hot one today. Over 100 according to the forecast, so it will be interesting to see how hot it actually gets. It is always warmer or colder than predicted. Saturday is going to be nasty hot - over 114 degrees. Will be a good day to stay indoors.

I guess today I will go to the post office. Hoping for another check. I also need to go to DG for a few things and want to go to Sal’s. I will take the car since it is multiple stops and I only have so much room to carry stuff on the scooter.

I had a bad night sleeping last night. Was way too warm after the swamp cooler turned off. I had to get up and turn it back on. It was upper 70’s when I walked this morning at 5 AM. Not much of a breeze either. 

Today I need to cook the brussels sprouts, I may marinate them after, and I think I am going to try making some home made plain yogurt. I have a crock pot recipe that I am going to try. Looks easy enough and I have just enough store yogurt to make a starter. I use plain yogurt like it was sour cream. I ordered my bountiful basket for this week and added the salad pack. I will be eating a lot of salad next week. 

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