Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Filter pump and cactus blossoms

Monday I went to the market and got some veggies and a watermelon, then went to the post office to pick up my packages. I figured I might as well do my complete routine and hit DG and Sal’s. I picked up some pots and some soil at DG so I could plant the garlic and green onions that I bought and noticed that my sweet potato had a nice little start on it so I planted that too. I had bought three red pots. Good thing as I used all three. Picked up a few things at Sal's on my way back.

This is the lantern I got at Sal's. I saw an idea online last week and it made me think of it, so when I saw it was still there, I grabbed it. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but will figure it out.

My pot was at the post office waiting for me too. I knew it would look nice here. I just love the vivid colors. Just wish it had cost a little less.

My grapefruit tree has a bug of some sort. It is looking pretty bad. I will have to figure it out or get rid of it. I’m getting tired of dealing with it. It only seems to be the new growth. I guess it is time to trim it again. I’m guessing it has leaf miners which means I will have to cut off all the new growth. I could treat it, but I don’t want my birds and bees to get into pesticides.

Unfortunately, I had to go to Herbs this morning. I got the filter pump for the tank, but it wasn't strong enough to lift the water and I needed to put the feed hose in the drain hole on the tank to let gravity help move the water. It has enough power to push the filtered water up and out, so it is actually working pretty well. There is a leak around the new fitting. I have already tried a couple of things to stop the leak, goop, some tape, but so far it hasn't worked. My next attempt will be with rubber bands. It is just a drip, but I don't want it dripping at all. 

I ordered my Bountiful Basket on Monday and I also ordered the grill pack that is supposed to have peppers and mushrooms and other good stuff. I will have more fruit and veggies than I know what to do with, but maybe it will jump start me into clean eating again.

I put together my new standing commercial grade fan (with no instructions, they weren't included), but even tho it works, it is broken. I contacted the seller and they are sending a new motor for it. It moves more air than all the rest of my fans put together. I didn’t really need the AC yesterday with that fan going. When the new motor gets here it should also oscillate. Plus I'm hoping the new motor doesn't smell like oil. Hoping that is just from the damage to the housing.

I'm going to try not to use the AC until the temps hit 100. It was in the 90's yesterday and will be again today and I haven't used the AC for a couple of days. The new fan makes a huge difference. I really would like to keep the electric usage down as much as possible. I am also going to try the filter pump for the tank on solar power. If it doesn't pop the inverter, I should be good. 

Not much on the agenda for today. See if I can get the hose to the pump to stop leaking and try out the solar power. I already walked this morning. Didn't want to, but I did - the whole walk. I'm thinking I am going to need some new walking tunes soon. Getting tired of the old ones.

The second blossom on the cactus is out this morning. There are more buds so I am hoping there will be more in the next couple of weeks.

Almost got some rain late yesterday, but it went around us.

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