Thursday, May 19, 2016


Well, it hit the upper 90’s yesterday and I didn’t turn on the AC, but I think today I will. It was just too warm inside without it.

Anyway, I got the leak fixed on the tank and have discovered that it is also leaking around the pump. I need to chase that down and fix that. It isn’t bad, but enough to keep the bricks wet and that isn’t a good thing here.

I also tried the pump out on the solar power in the shed and it worked just fine. Yay! I can run that every day and it won’t cost me a cent. I like that. Too bad I don’t have enough solar to run the AC. I might have enough to run the big fan tho, just run a cord from the trailer to the house. Worth a try.

I put up another curtain on the patio. In the morning when I like to sit outside with my computer, the sun is right in my eyes. The new curtain blocks that. 

I modified the little solar panel for the fountain, it now has a heavy gauge wire on it’s back to make it easier to secure to things. Right now it is at the top of the wire cactus. I was having a hard time getting it to stay where I wanted it. 

My cactus garden last year and this year. Huge difference. 

I had a pair of lizards hanging around the yard yesterday. I got some pics with my big camera but haven’t downloaded them yet. The last time I saw them they were hanging out under the aloe plant in the cactus garden. And I had to spray for ants on the grow bench. They just pop up anywhere in an instant. They weren’t there when I watered in the morning.

Here are some lizard pics, I actually had my camera out when I saw them.

Still having issues with my elbow. I have stopped sleeping on my left side, but it hasn’t helped much. I have a similar problem with my left knee but thankfully it hasn’t affected my walking. Of course, every time I bang an elbow, it has to be my left one and that happens on a regular basis. Arthritis?

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