Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday I got a fair amount accomplished. I got myself showered and dressed and off to town. I stopped at Herb’s first to get that out of the way. I got the clamps I needed for the curtain cables and the blocks to finish the partial wall. After that I went to the post office and other thrift shop. Spent $6 and got a couple of tops, a pair of kakhi shorts, and a little ceramic container. A couple of the tops I had to take the sparklies off. I like shirts with sparkles on them, but I won’t wear them. Lots of times tho the shirt itself is pretty kool so I will buy it and remove the beads or whatever is on it. After that I went to DG and picked up some stuff I needed.

This is the little pot/container I got for fifty cents…

Got back and got everything unloaded and put away then proceeded to finish up the half wall. I’m pretty happy with it. That is my gravity wall - gravity is what is holding it together. I had to buy four more cinder blocks and five toppers. I went with the red toppers to tie it in a little with the mexican brick on the patio and stairs.

I did get the clamps for the curtain cables but didn’t bother putting them up. I have another drop cloth curtain on the way and I will just do it all at once since it requires a ladder. I think a plant or two would look nice on the shelf behind the fireplace, but maybe some mexican pottery of some sort would be better. We’ll see what Sal’s has tomorrow. I’m sure I will find something.

After that I read for a while and then removed the sparklies from the two shirts and did a load of laundry. I also fiddled with the fountain a bit. Tried bending some copper without it crimping, it was a partial success. Water goes through it. Now I have to get a little more ornamental and decorative. Right now it is just a curved piece of copper tubing. Nothing exciting. So all in all, a productive day for me. I even got the garbage and card board to the dumpsters before I headed to town.

I hate to do it, but I guess I am going to have to bite the bullet. DG is looking for a manager and I am going to apply. I’m not ready to go back to work, especially full time, but I will have to do it at some point in the near future. It is an opportunity I can’t pass up. The manager position isn’t open all that often. Then I could dump all that angst about Herbs and not have to deal with that again. Plus, I can’t live on what I earned at Herbs.  Today’s chore will be to get the online application filled out and submitted. I basically have to retype my resume even tho I have already uploaded it. There is also an assistant manager position, I may apply to that as well. Worse comes to worse, I can always be a cashier. Sigh…beats waitressing tho. I promised myself years and years ago that I would never be a waitress and so far I have kept that promise. If I have to be a cashier I will wait to start working for a while yet. Enjoy my time off while I have it.

It wasn’t hot enough to use the tub yesterday. Close, but not quite. Supposed to get progressively warmer this week into the 100’s so I’m sure I will be using it very soon. I ordered a skimmer so I can keep it clean and picked up a cheap vinyl shower curtain to cover it with. 

I have been doing better with the whole eating thing. But I need to be even more diligent. I’m working on it. All these restaurant breakfasts and lunches aren’t helping tho. I have been invited to another one on Thursday that I will go to. Same restaurant as this morning. But Thursday I think I will walk over for the exercise. It is basically just around the corner. Today I am being picked up. Last time I went there I rode my scooter. It is outside the park so I can’t take the golf cart. The Mountain Quail Cafe reopened yesterday so we are going to try that out for breakfast this morning.

We got a few showers late in the day and I caught the tail end of the rainbow…

Saw this photo online yesterday. I absolutely love it and the feel of the spot. I'm putting the pic up here so I can find it again. I may try to recreate it at some point.

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