Monday, June 1, 2015


Yesterday my thermometer topped out at 110 degrees. Last night was the second or third night in a row that it didn’t cool off enough to open the windows and turn on the fans.  But I did sleep. Six hours with the help of Simply Sleep. A couple of weeks of that, and I should have myself retrained to sleep most of the night. Hopefully.

Up at 4 this morning, in the shower before 5, and walking by 5:30, but I still need to start earlier. Late enough that it is light out, but early enough the sun won’t be in my eyes. One row of oleanders isn’t getting watered. Need to find out where the timer for that row is, have a message out to Glenn.

I got a morning nap yesterday then read for a while. When I finished that book I started working on my basket again. I got about three rows done. Watched the movie Burlesque again, love the music in that movie.

I finally got the headphones for my iPod and tried it out this morning. Cheap headphones, kept cutting out. Will try the other set see if they are any better. I don’t like earbuds, but may have to resort to them. It did help walking, gave me something else to think about besides how little fun that I was having. I do feel that I could take a little nap again this morning but I need to deal with the oleanders that aren’t getting watered. Hopefully will get that taken care of before it gets too hot.

I have a load of laundry in that will need to get hung out shortly. Won’t take long for them to dry. I may work on my basket some more today. My right hand is sore from pulling the thread.

I don’t have much else to write about. Nothing going on, the town is pretty much shut down for the season. Vicki did ask if I wanted to go to the Stagecoach for dinner. I declined. I hadn’t showered all day and wasn’t fit to be out in public. Besides, I had already had one meal out this last week and I can’t justify the expense for a second meal out. I have been doing quite well with not over eating and munching, and didn’t want to spoil that either.


  1. i know we have never met. i am just a round little fluffy middle aged gal from iowa. once i got my disability it was my thought to move south which is somehow how i found your blog in the first place well i did and when all was said and done there wasnt anything left so ive come into a rent based apartment here. it is a lovely place and just my size. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and wanted you to know that. we have gone through some similar things and we both enjoy hand work though different kinds. since ive always wanted to be doing what you do i am enjoying reading about it as well your gardening and just the whole bit. you have a gift of words. keep writing.

  2. Thanks Diana. It is always nice to hear that someone is enjoying my blog, or even reading it!
    Nothing ever stays the same, and I am wondering what is next for me. Will be interesting to see where I am this time next year. :)

  3. this is true.i hope to stay put awhile