Monday, June 15, 2015

Extreme heat warning in effect.

It was hot yesterday, so I was indoors most of the day. When I did come out, it was like an oven. An oven with a fan. Even the breeze was hot. And it is going to get worse. We have our first high heat warning in effect for Tuesday thru Friday. I guess if I am going out, I need to do it today.

My plans for the day are to do the vacuuming and dusting I didn’t do yesterday, wash the kitchen and bathroom floor, shower and dress, and then run my errands. I probably have packages at the post office, I need batteries, and want to make my weekly stop at Sal’s and see what I can find this week. After that, it is back to the basket. I hope to finish it up today. I worked on it until 10 last night, got quite a bit done. Watched a bunch more episodes of Castle. Still in season four. Only two more seasons to go before I run out. I’m hoping season seven will be available very soon. I missed most of those episodes completely since I was on the road. I do have other programs on DVD that I can watch. Will probably go with McLeod's Daughters next. It has been a while since I have seen that, or Gilmore Girls.

Decent night’s sleep last night. About 11 to 4 with one bathroom break. I did not nap yesterday. And I didn’t fall asleep in front of the TV. I guess working on the basket kept me awake. I drank a lot of water.

My neighbor across the street fell while she was out shopping yesterday. She broke several ribs and her collar bone and was airlifted to Phoenix. From what I hear, she had her stuff in the car and remembered something and got out to go get it, but her car wasn’t in park and the door knocked her down. She basically got run over by her own car. Remember, this is a 55+ park, and most of the residents are in their 70’s and 80’s, so she is going to have a hard time healing. 

Not sure where Keith and I will be going tomorrow. I did some online research, but didn’t come up with anything good. So I guess it is going to be Prescott and possibly Sedona. It is in the mountains so it will be a lot cooler than here. We stopped in Prescott and Sedona when we were here in 2000.

My sister Jan, in Virginia had her AC replaced and it crapped out on her, so she is without AC. Made me think about what would happen if mine died. I have decided that I would just bring Ody over and plug her in and use her until I could get the house AC fixed. Plus, there is the car. So I do have options. I could also go to Vicki’s. I don’t think my little swamp cooler could cool the whole house. But I could close off the bathroom and the bedroom so it wouldn’t have to work so hard.

At 5 this morning when I went out for my walk, it was 86 degrees. The sun wasn’t even up yet. Still feels a little humid too. They say the cold water gets hot enough in the summer that it can burn. I’ll have to remember to check it before I get in the shower. I do know that when I washed dishes late yesterday I had to look to make sure the water heater hadn’t inadvertently gotten turned on. It hadn’t.

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