Saturday, June 6, 2015

More solar cooking

Spent some time cutting and flattening copper tubing yesterday for bracelet blanks. I got them cut and pressed with the vise, and only got one thru the mill before it got too hot to work in the shed. Hoping to get a few more done today if I can. I also put a 13 bean soup in the solar cooker for the day. It did pretty well. The beans were a little crunchy, but it was edible. The temp in the cooker got up to about 225. Still tweaking. Need to see if I can get a dark colored pot, that will help, and one of my neighbors brought over a piece of glass to put on the top later in the day. It did get hot enough to melt the vinyl, so I had to toss that. I may try putting another layer of the bubble foil insulation in too. I did use the back reflector this time too. 

That was what brought the temp up 50 degrees. I had to turn it to the sun a couple of times as it moved across the sky. Until I can get the temps up another 50 degrees, I won’t cook any kind of meat, just not hot enough. I think if I had soaked the beans before putting them in the oven they would have been done. I will keep trying.

Once it got too hot to be outside I went in and read. Yup, another whole book.

This morning I have to go to Pam’s and water her garden, and again tomorrow. I didn’t walk this morning since there is no watering scheduled for today (or Tuesdays). I got about six hours sleep. I was up in the middle of it for a while, but did manage to go back to sleep. Two Simply Sleep just doesn’t cut it for me. I think I will go back to three again for a few nights. Trying to get internal clock reset. It has been cool enough at night to open the windows and turn on the fans. I love it. Although it is quite late when it is finally cooler outside than inside. My AC is set at 80 degrees. That would still be too warm if I didn’t have the swamp cooler going and sitting directly in front of that when I read or watch TV. Next year that might be different. Supposedly you adapt to the temps.

Today at 4:30 I will be meeting the widows for dinner at the Mountain Quail Cafe. Gonna try to get something that is inexpensive and somewhat heathy if I can. I really would like to loose more weight. 

I don’t think my tomato plant is going to produce any tomatoes. It has blossoms, but it is now too hot for it. I will try again in the fall. Probably will have better luck with the cooler temps. Gonna let this one go and see what it does tho.

I finally got my shade cloth ordered again. This time I put the PO Box in the name field after my name. It didn’t reject it. Will have to remember that in the future. Maybe it will actually make it to me this time. We’ll see.

Don’t know if I am going to try using the solar cooker again today. I won’t be here for dinner today or tomorrow, so I will probably wait and try it again Monday. If it is beans again, that will give me time to presoak them. I might try some chick peas and make some hummus. I have sprouts, so I can make sammiches on tortillas. Hmmm….that sounds like a plan. 

Well, I need to get moving so I don’t have to stand in the heat to water Pam’s garden. Not sure how long it will take, she has a lot of stuff. 

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