Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bad night

I’m tired and cranky this morning. It’s already hot and we also have wind and clouds this morning. Vicki needed to make a trip to Walmart in Parker yesterday, so I grabbed my house paperwork and went along for the ride instead of doing my errands. I need to get the property tax bill changed over, but the assessors office wasn’t open. None of the government offices were open. I will have to go back on a day that isn’t a Friday. We went to Walmart and I got my hose and my instant coffee for my iced coffee. I got a nice bag of cherries too and a few other things. I didn’t need much since we had gone to Blythe the day before.

When we got back, it was all about the food. I made cole slaw, an italian salad, cleaned and cut my strawberries for the freezer and put some pork chops in the crock pot for barbecue pork. I even tried the banana pineapple frozen thing, but I used two bananas and couldn't taste the pineapple. Will try another one today with just one banana. It didn't want to freeze either, so I need to make it earlier in the day. I still need to cut my watermelon and deal with the garbage. I put the strawberry ends out for the birds and bunnies, but I don’t think they cared for them. I may start burying some of my compostables under the grapefruit tree. I hate to throw out all that good stuff when it could be recycled. I won’t have to worry about it rotting because it will dry out in an hour or so. I’m sure the tree could use the extra nutrients.

I moved the misting system so that it mists from the back end and part of the outside wall. It was more effective. But even with the filter it leaves a white residue on my brand new chair pads. I will have to put something over them when the mister is on. I got a $7 hose for it at Walmart. I also got a couple more hose splitters because I will need one when I start watering Lorna and Bob’s palm trees. They have two hoses, and I might as well use them both and reduce my time and water all four trees at the same time.

I did my nails again with the new polish I bought on Thursday. But the base coat must be bad as the new, different brand, polish bubbled too. The longer it was on, the worse they got. This morning they are horrible. I got a nice pearly pink to wear on Monday, and will have to remove the polish and do it again without the base coat. I’m not even sure I like the color, it looks better in the bottle than on my nails.

The back door has been giving me trouble so I took a few minutes and lubed that. Seems to be much better. Everything gets dry out here.

So while we were at Walmart yesterday I picked up a package of EmergenZ. It is supposed to be a sleep aid with nutrients. I tried it last night. It was one of the worst nights I have had in a long time. I barely got to sleep, and couldn’t stay asleep. Was up a half dozen times and finally ended up in the chair in the living room. I will finish up the box, but will also take my simply sleep. It has melatonin in it, and I already knew that didn’t do anything for me. 

Not sure what I am going to do today. Will play it by ear. Too hot to be out in the shed, and will be too hot to be on the patio for any length of time. I might start a new basket, or preserve the last one. At some point between today and tomorrow I have to figure out what I am going to wear on Monday for my interview. What do you wear to an interview in AZ when the temps are over 110 degrees….At least I won’t have to have it on for very long. Even with the trips to Blythe and Parker, I am starting to feel the beginnings of cabin fever. 

I’m doing pretty good at turning off the fans in the rooms that I am not using. The bedroom fans off during the day and the living room fan off at night. See if I can’t save a few dollars on the electric bill. I think I mentioned that I turned the AC up to 82 as well. It shouldn’t come on quite as often. I am using the swamp cooler during the day to help the AC, but I don’t know how effective it is. I do know that it makes sitting in my chair comfortable as it blows directly at the chair. Otherwise, with the padding, I would get too warm.

There is going to be a pot luck on Saturday the 4th. I am going to make my italian salad and Vicki is making ribs. Not sure what else there will be, but it should be fun. 

I finally got the key to the tool shed. I just have to remember to take it with me on my walk some morning so I can check it out. I haven’t even used my key to the club house or laundry. I should check those out at some point too. I still need to get a key to the back gate tho. I’ll have to ask Anna again. Hopefully, I have the north oleanders set for a while. They have been a pain in the ass since I started this gig.

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