Friday, June 19, 2015

Hot, hot and more hot

Well, my cactus blossoms were gone by mid day. They sure were pretty tho.

I got out in the shed and made two pair of copper hoops, it was really too hot to be out there tho, I had sweat running into my eyes. That doesn’t feel good. :( They came out ok, but I used a fairly heavy gauge wire, and they are too big to  put in my ears. So I will recycle them into something else and make some smaller wire ones. I went with the heavier wire because copper is so soft. Hopefully once the lighter wire hoops are tumbled, they will be sturdy enough to use. Not sure when I will get to those tho, it is freakin hot here.

I puttered around in the morning, and then started a new basket. Didn’t bother to shower until I had to get ready to go to Pam’s so she could show me how to preserve my baskets. I hit the post office first as I hadn’t  been since Monday. I had several packages. Finally got my new hygrometer and the spare watering timer. I also got my chrome plant stand so I can bring my geraniums indoors. They aren’t looking happy, it is too hot for them. In fact, I’m loosing all my annuals because of the heat. Time to let them go and try again in September. 

Anyway, my first two baskets have been preserved. Pam gave me some input on my third basket, I’m trying a different stitch, and am doing the stitch wrong. I decided not to take it apart but will continue with it with the way I have been doing it until I start on the sides. Then I will try to figure out the right way to do it. I think this basket is going to end up with some shells and maybe some bone buttons in it. I just went and dug those up in the shed and found a few other things I can enhance the baskets with. I have quite a few interesting pieces I got at the trade blanket last winter. Should be fun.

I have done my 1.46 mile walk this morning. It was warm, upper 80’s. It was a thirsty walk. I can’t walk without a water bottle now, too dry. I hate carrying it when I walk. I need a flask or something I can drop in my pocket. It doesn’t need to hold a lot, just enough to wet my mouth and throat, or maybe some gum would work. Might try that first. I get really dry.

Here are a couple of photos for you this morning. One is of a bunny on top of the seed block, hadn’t seen that before, and the other is of a sizable lizard I saw on my walk.

I don’t have much else this morning. Haven’t seen Vicki in a few days. Too hot to be out walking around. Nothing else new in the land of sunshine. It will be another day of basketry.

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