Thursday, June 25, 2015


Yesterday was kind of a different day. After I got done writing, Vicki texted me for a trip to town. We went to the Roadrunner, DG and the post office. I needed to buy some produce, but the prices were too high and the produce itself was either half dead or on the brink of being half dead. I only bought some cottage cheese, plain yogurt and some bananas. I did get a few things at DG including a watering can. Watering hadn’t been an issue until I brought my geraniums in because they were cooking outdoors, I just used the hose and didn't need to worry about a mess.

After we got back I decided to go to the library and use their wifi. While I was there I got the process started on a library card. Ran into Keith there too. We chatted while waiting for my electronics to update. I did get my phone updated, the operating system anyway, but there are still three apps that need updating. It was very slow. I also got one update done on the computer and a bunch on my iPad. My kindle app downloaded all the books I had bought in the last few weeks, plus a couple of other apps, and I shut it down because it wasn’t fully charged when I started and it was running out of juice. I didn’t see any outlets to plug in to. I might try McDonalds the next time.

I didn’t see much at the library, but then again, I didn’t look very hard. They have a $5 deposit for first time DVD borrowing, and you get it back when you close your DVD borrowing account. I will be getting my new card next week.

Keith invited me to lunch so we went to the Stagecoach. Was a nice treat.

It was about three by the time I got back, so I settled in with a book and then decided to do my nails. Got them done, but the cheapie polish bubbles. Ended up taking it off my finger nails and only doing a clear coat, and left it on my toes. Cant see the bubbles all the way down there. I’m wondering if it is the base coat causing the bubbles. Plus the base coat adds extra drying time and more time to mess it up. I will try without the base coat next time. 

The rest of the day was news and then Castle DVD’s. 

My beeswax came so I can try out the crock pot and preserve my latest basket some time in the near future. I have all the pieces I need to install the misting system and I picked up a flag and pole kit at the hardware store yesterday, and replaced the channel lock pliers that I am having such a hard time with. So I need to get the flag and the misting system installed. I was going to do them first thing this morning, but Vicki and I are going to Blythe for groceries instead. I’m guessing it is going to be too hot to do it when we get back. I didn’t get any laundry done either. Maybe I can get that done this afternoon.

Nothing new and exciting. They are watching the winds and dust storms. I closed the back windows in the car when I parked it yesterday so it is all closed up. It is too far away to rush over and close the windows. Oh, and I calculated this past month’s electric bill, $170. Ouch. But I have two ceiling fans and two regular fans running all the time, plus the ice maker that I can’t live without and the AC and fridge, so I guess I will have to live with it. I don’t use my lights much because it gets dark so late now and I have the LED night lights in the kitchen, the laundry area by the door and the bathroom. Unless I really need to see something, there is enough light to do whatever I need to do. I also have one outside by the back steps. All my light bulbs are LED now except the flourescent ceiling lights in the kitchen and the little bulbs in the bedroom. The water heater is still off and the cold water is getting warmer by the day. I wonder what I am going to do when it gets too hot to be able to take a shower, no cold water to cool it off with, and I don't have a bath tub. Maybe it is time to think about getting that stock waterer I have been wanting and make an outdoor bath tub. Then I can fill it and let it cool down....sort of. They ought to make water heaters that can cool water as well as warm it. I bet they would go over big here. I'm going to have to start refrigerating my drinking water as it melts the ice when I fill my mug. 

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