Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Very humid

It rained off and on all day and all night last night. It is cooler, but very humid this morning. It is still cloudy so it isn’t unbearable - yet.

I spent some time cleaning the fridge, made my hummus and a big salad and cooked up the portabella caps that were getting old. I stuffed them with quinoa and blue cheese. That is what I had for lunch. Was going to juice the grapefruit and oranges that are in the fridge but ran out of motivation. Maybe today. I didn’t go anywhere, see anyone, or do anything but that and read a book. 

Wasn’t much on TV since all the new shows are on hiatus. Still can’t get CBS which would have offered me something different to watch. I can get it, but it doesn’t stay. Too frustrating to try and watch. Maybe a stronger booster for the antenna. I’m looking into getting some real internet, then I could watch whatever I want whenever I want. Plus I could be a little less stingy about my internet usage. We’ll see, it might just be as good to keep what I have and buy gigs a little more often.

I didn’t walk this morning. Taking advantage of the wet ground. Since it rained, I don’t need to check the automatic watering, would be a waste of my time. I’m going to try to get myself on the stepper instead. Laundry and garbage are on today’s list. But I should deal with the oranges and grapefruit first.

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