Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I think the interview went well. Hopefully I gave all the right answers. Although, it is 19 hours per semester, not per month. Won’t be enough to live on if I get it. But it is a start. They are willing to work around other part time jobs. Will deal with that when the time comes. I will know some time today. I missed a call from the guy in Montana because I turned off the ringer on the phone when I went in to the interview. He didn’t leave a message tho.

I ended up wearing an ankle length black skirt and a white sleeveless knit top. The sandals were kind of hard to walk in, but I managed. The skirt I wore wasn’t even one I tried on Sunday. I was looking in the closet and spotted it. No pockets tho.

Had a quiet afternoon. Vicki got her water heater replaced. This morning she has to go to Walmart in Parker, so I am going to ride along and see if I can get the property tax thing straightened out. I did get my latest basket preserved. The crock pot worked just fine melting the beeswax. My paint brush that I use to put the wax on the basket is a little small, will need to get one just a bit larger, and the wax soaked into the basket  in my little toaster oven just fine. Although anything any larger won’t fit. I will have to use the big oven for multiples or anything any larger.

 I read two books.

I did talk to Dave Johnson about parking under his cool cover. He said sure. So I will be moving the car in the next week or so. It is a little bit further to walk and I won’t be able to see it, but Vicki is right across the street and she will keep an eye on it. I won’t need to use the shade cloth on that one.

It was 92 degrees out when I got up this morning at 3 AM. I’m sitting at the end of the patio to get whatever breeze blows through. I don’t have to walk this morning, but I think the system for my grapefruit has issues, so I will have to check that out later. It didn’t seem to be getting the water it should be getting, and it was too dark to tend it.

I did pretty well with the snacking last night. I chewed gum when I wanted to snack and then later when I actually got hungry I had some almonds.I made a large salad, enough for a couple of days, and had that for dinner with some imitation crab. The bad part of that is that the gum has aspartame in it. My all natural gum should be here tomorrow. It will also come in handy when I run out of smokes in the next week or so. Going to try to go back to my electronic cig when that happens.

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