Wednesday, July 1, 2015

No job joy

Nope, didn’t get the job. But she is planning on hiring a second person when she gets the OK, and I am in line for that one. I’m good for another month or two, and hopefully I will get Ody sold so I can breath a little easier for a little while longer. I may end up having to go to DG or the 76 station. We’ll see how it plays out. In the meantime I am going to enjoy what little time off I have left. I also found out that it isn’t 19 hours per month, but per semester, so it wouldn’t be enough to live on. 

Vicki and I went to Parker yesterday morning and I got my property tax info changed over. Apparently the title/closing company doesn’t do this part of the transaction here like they do in the northeast. I don’t know why, it is a real pain in the ass and they do get paid. It’s done now. I can go online and see what the history is and plan to do that in the next day or so. Then we went to Walmart and got a few more things.

Three nights in a row we have had electrical storms. Lots of thunder and lightening and only enough rain to make it more uncomfortable. Doesn’t cool anything down or even accumulate in the rain gauge. 

I paid my electric bill yesterday. I’m up to $200 from $68 during the cooler weather. Ouch. And I guess it is supposed to get worse. I’m fine indoors at 82 as long as I am not moving around. But I guess I will just have to bite the bullet and pay the extra money. Sigh…if it isn’t propane for heat, it is electricity for cooling. At least the season is a lot shorter.

After we got back from Parker I went to the post office, DG and Salvation Army. I got some big plastic baskets to put in the lower kitchen cupboards. They are a complete disaster and I can never find anything. This way all I have to do is pull the baskets out like a drawer and the ones way in the back will be easier to grab. I bought four, but I think I might need two more, three per shelf, but we’ll see. That is this morning’s project. The house is pretty organized as long as you don’t open a cupboard door…they are all disasters. Especially the ones with the corners and areas you have to get on your hands and knees to reach. If this works out, I may do something similar to the corner spice cabinet. Way too much wasted space there because I can’t reach the back. Turn tables would be good, but they are way too expensive. I guess I will have to make my own. The mechanism isn't expensive on it's own. I also need to make some slide out drawers for the canned goods. That will be a good winter project as it will involve wood, cutting and measuring and assembly. Unless I can find someone to do it for me.

Today I need to go out again. I have to mail some stuff to Doreen that got put in her local PO box instead of getting forwarded. I might as well pick up my new library card and see if I can’t get a few more updates done while I am out. Other than that, most everything I wanted to do today is already done. I have already repaired the watering system, yet again. Those little tubes don’t hold up very long. I also finally remembered to put some copper in the bird bath and fountain to kill the algae. I used to use that in my pool and it worked quite well, but I had forgotten about that. I have had to clean them both several times. This should stretch that out. I will still have to do it, but not as often.

I watered Lorna and Bob’s palm trees for the first time. I think I am going to put them on a timer so all I will have to do is check them instead of standing around waiting. They have mechanical timers that work like egg timers that aren’t expensive and I will collect all my equipment and save it for next summer when everyone comes back.

I did get a call on Ody from Kingman yesterday. I have been getting calls, but everyone is from far away, so it makes it difficult. I do need to get her sold tho. Not only for financial reasons, but it would also be one less responsibility. And I would get an insurance refund. I’m thinking I will take that money and get myself a new ipad or tablet. I dropped mine while I was out in the desert and the glass is cracked. It still works, but it bugs me. Once I have it’s replacement, I will see about replacing the glass.

I finished the last of the Castle seasons last night. Season 8 won’t be out until September. I missed most of that season when it was on TV and since I can’t stream anymore, I have to wait for the DVD’s. :( Don’t know what I am going to watch next. I have several to choose from, or maybe I will look again at the library and see what they have. 

The last week or so has been cloudy so I haven’t been able to try a recipe in my solar cooker with the new cast iron pots. I may have to crock pot it. I might try it today. It uses pasta but I think I will substitute quinoa instead. Fewer carbs, more protein.

I guess I need to get moving. Get something accomplished. Might start a new basket today.


  1. go to lowes or what passes for a home improvement store there and get an end piece of plywood for cheal ( you know the bits left after cuts. because they are full sheets you often can get the end super cheap. get your mechanism use a jig saw to cut a circle cut the center for the mechanism and voila a cheap lazy susan i would recommend sand papering and varnish though. you can do this indeed!!! interested to see pics if you do. i also love your basket idea for the cupboards. i find baskets work great for so many things.

    1. I ordered drawer rails for the pantry cupboards and turn table bases for the corner cupboards. I think those will be cooler weather projects as it will involve cutting, etc. I probably won't do much sanding, but will paint them white to match the inside of the cupboards.

  2. Have you tried streaming at the library?

    1. I haven't tried streaming at the library. I'm not really into having to go somewhere to watch TV. :) I'd much rather be doing it in my jammies with snacks, etc. Although, I may try to download some stuff the next time I go.