Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Basket progress

Another day of basket coiling. I made significant progress. I only have a few more rows to go before I have to figure out the handle and how to wrap it up. This is what I have done so far…

I worked on it all day. Literally. I’m getting much better at hiding my knots. I’m thinking I am going to hang a seashell off the outside, but am not positive.

Today I won’t get too much time to work on the basket. I’m riding to Blythe with Vicki so she can get her hair cut and the health certificate for Coco. She leaves next week. I also need to go to the post office, I have, or will have several packages there by the time we get back.

One of the places I water had this cactus blooming this morning. The blossoms only last a day, so I was lucky to see it. It was beautiful and practically covered in bees. 


This little guy is a daily visitor. He likes to hang out under one of the plant pots on my front steps. There is a bit of a divot where the mortar is so he has a little cave.

Then I have another that is about six or more inches. I haven’t seen the bigger ones for a while, but they pass through on a regular basis. I also had a bunch of baby quail in the yard yesterday. They are pretty skittish, so they aren’t the easiest things to get a picture of, especially if I have to go get my camera. 

I found out yesterday that the people that are renting the space where I park my car won’t be back until August so I don’t have to move my car for a while yet. Yay. That spot works for me. I can even see the car from where I am sitting now. Maybe next year I can get Chad and SusAnn’s yard which is just the other side of the back gate. They are talking about putting a roof over it, even better.

The people that looked at Ody aren’t buying yet, so that is a disappointment. The right buyer will come along. Hopefully soon. I’m thinking about selling the scooter and getting a golf cart. Four wheels are better than two, plus it would have a sun shade and I wouldn’t have to park it on the patio. It could stay in the driveway. Used ones will be coming up for sale when people start coming back to town. As long as I don’t take it out on the town roads, I won’t have to register or insure it. 

I hope to have the basket done in the next day or two so I can try my hand at a bracelet. Thinking I might use copper as a base. I get to use my dremel drill press again. :)

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