Saturday, July 25, 2015

Basket progress

Good morning.
Not much to write about today. I worked on my basket most of the day. I made some progress. This is where I am at this morning…

I’m hoping to reach the point where I try adding the beads today. I don’t have anything on the agenda except getting a shower and maybe vacuuming and dusting. The dust is pretty thick in there.

I got to open the windows this morning and get some fresh air inside. Mornings cool enough to do that are rare this time of year. I did spray Home Defense all around the house , patio and shed yesterday. I’m starting to relax a little on the bug front, but still find myself checking for them. 

I ended up making tomato juice with the four huge tomatoes that I got in my bountiful basket. Salad for lunch and a spicy sausage, sliced baked potato with parmesan and turnip greens for dinner. Grapes for dessert. More salad today, I have barely made a dent in the huge bag of mixed lettuce. I imagine the bunnies will be getting some of it. The only reason I had the turnip greens instead of salad is because I had taken them out of the freezer the day before and I needed to use them since they were already thawed.

I just listed Ody on craigslist again this morning. I need to get serious about getting her sold. You can see the listing here…

I really do want to get another rig to replace her. Something small and towable. I saw these online yesterday and really liked them. Not so much the color but the size and the interchangeability. It is very light and easy to tow.  Don’t know how much they cost tho. Maybe since I live in Q, the largest snowbird location in the states, I can work out some sort of deal with them. Maybe I will become a sales person…worth checking in to.

My bifocals have shipped and are supposed to hit the post office on Monday. I will be glad to get them. Was swapping glasses again last night because there was a program on TV I wanted to see. I ended up putting the basket down to watch the TV. I could have gotten another couple of rounds done.

I want to get the job application filled out and back to Herb’s Monday morning. Gotta get some money coming in.

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