Friday, July 10, 2015

Almost done

Spent most of the day yesterday on my basket after it got warm out. We topped out at 100, the lowest it has been for a while. I did get ambitious and cleaned out the fountain, it hadn’t been fountaining the last week or so. Unfortunately, we had a fatality. I found a dead lizard in the base when I removed the top. Poor thing. I don’t know what kind of lizards they are. Arizona has thirty or so different kinds and I couldn't find mine in the list. I pumped out all the water, cleaned up the algae and reemed out the tubing. Works much better now. Eventually I will redesign the fountain. I still have all the glass globes from the dining area light fixture and some copper tubing. I might even make some leaves and do several level drop fountain. Will have to figure out how to mount the globes. That will be a cooler weather project, along with cleaning walls and cupboards.

The basket is virtually done. I need to trim it out a little. Do something with the handle. But this is what I got done yesterday.

I want to do something at the base of the handle and put some color on the top of the handle. Shells maybe? Dunno yet.

76 degrees walking at 5 AM. So nice compared to the 87 I have gotten accustomed to. Two more months of heat, and then it should start cooling down and the town will start getting active again. We seem to have a new batch of baby bunnies. Have been seeing more and more of the little ones. They are so cute. 

I don’t have anything on the agenda for today. I might go to the one remaining market and see if they have any edible produce. The fridge is looking kind of empty. Then again, I should use up some of what is in the freezer. I certainly won’t starve. I did boil some eggs yesterday to have for a quick lunch. I still have lettuce, peppers and mushrooms. But I need to do something with the mushrooms before they go bad. I think I have one tomato left too. So I guess I’m good for another couple of days. I have a little watermelon left and strawberries in the freezer. Plus some canned stuff. I also have some meatballs in the freezer, so maybe I will make a tomato sauce in the crock pot.

I swept up the leaves on the patio again yesterday and this morning it looks like I never did it. I don’t even have any trees. Just the grapefruit and it isn’t shedding. They blow in from the other streets. I guess I am going to have to start looking at leaf vacs. It is frustrating and I hate having them all over the patio. 

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