Monday, July 20, 2015

It's done

It’s done! Finally finished this basket. Yay. Going to take a couple of days off because my fingers are sore. Although I am feeling motivated to start another.
This is the finished product. It looks a little out of shape, but that will be fixed when I preserve it with the beeswax.

I even had time to clean up my mess, vacuum, etc., before I had to get ready to go to dinner. Was a good crowd, about 19 of us.

It rained quite hard while we were there. Some of the dust an pollen finally got rinsed off my car. It was getting difficult to see what color it was. I really need to spend a few minutes on it and put a coat of polish on it. I really should have stuck to my original plan to have just an appetizer but I ordered a taco salad. How hard is it to screw that up? Well, they managed. It was terrible. I only ate about half of it, and I dropped $12. That is the last restaurant I am going to for a while. It just isn't’ worth the money.

Was just getting ready to go out and walk this morning and it started raining. I think it rained about 10 minutes, but I waited about a half hour. This is what the sky looked like when I did get out this morning…

That was taken with my phone, so the photo doesn’t do it justice, but you get the idea. Arizona has some pretty impressive sunrises and sunsets.

Not sure what I am going to do today. I will probably read. Give my fingers a break. I am feeling creative tho…maybe I will bead something.

You have probably seen it on the news already, but a bridge on I10 collapsed from the flood waters in California yesterday. I10 is the main route to anywhere from here and that wasn’t all that far from here. I need to see if there is an alternate route to Blythe from Q if that is how California bridges hold up. I would rather go back roads anyway. That highway makes me nervous on the best of days. Lots of accidents on that road. Looking at the map, it looks like there is an alternate route that sort of runs parallel to the highway. I might check that out. It would be a little longer, but it wouldn’t be the highway. And no big trucks.

I guess that is about all I have this morning. I am going to see about getting my glasses ordered. I need to measure my current ones to see what size I need and find my prescription.

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