Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Scooter ride and free squash

It is still dark at 5 AM. My walks are getting closer to 5:30 now. And it is warm this morning, 90 something degrees. 

Yesterday was an unremarkable day. I read online that the food bank had a surplus of squash and lettuce, so I made myself get showered and go get some. Since it is virtually around the corner, I took the scooter. Had a little human interaction, and came back. The rest of the day was either reading or napping. 

Since I am spending so little time outside these days there are no photos, no wildlife. I tossed out a few of the outside lettuce leaves that were starting to go bad to the bunnies, but there wasn’t one in sight. I haven’t put out carrots for a few days because they haven’t been there waiting for them. They must be getting plenty of natural food.

Nothing on the agenda for today. My walk, and then I think I will start my xmas tree. I have to find the rings I have in the shed to use as a base. Plus something to use as a size gauge a little bigger than I have been using. I might end up having to use my curved needle when I get to the smaller top rows. This one will be plain, no beads or ornamentation. If I do more, I will probably figure out how to add some colored beads. I googled coiled needle xmas trees and came up with nothing. Since the bracelets have been a fail so far, maybe the trees will be something I can make a few bucks on.

I want to start a basket spreadsheet with photos and notes and record each of my baskets. Since I will be selling or giving most of them away. Plus it would be nice to have a visual record of my progress.

My to do list is pretty short these days. One of the things on it is to put turn tables in the spice cupboard. It is a corner cupboard with three shelves and I can’t reach anything that isn’t right in the front. I already have the bases, just need to find someone that will cut the rounds for me. The baskets in the lower cupboard are working out pretty good. I don’t have to get down on my hands and knees to find stuff anymore.  Now I have to figure out what to do about the pantry cupboards. The canned goods are heavy and the cheap shelves are bowing and I have a hard time finding stuff that isn’t at the front. I got drawer slides, so it might be as simple as cutting pieces for those shelves too. 

Well, it is getting light, I need to get my walk in.

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