Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Quiet days

Yesterday was a quiet day.  I did get to the post office and the Salvation Army. I had several packages at the post office including my new thread for my baskets. At the Salvation Army I picked up a cast iron griddle, a wooden base I may make into a basket and an orange doily. I’m working orange into the bedroom. I had picked up a pure silk pillow cover there a couple months back, it was orange. I had originally planned to use it to cover the footstool, but it was in mint condition and I couldn’t bring myself to cut it up. So it is my ornamental pillow on the bed. The mexican blanket I have on the window has orange in it too, and the storage box I got last week is orange. I also got an onion keeper and a wire photo stand. Though it would make a good basket stand. Not sure what I will do with the doily, but will figure something out.

I did make the second bracelet yesterday, but it was a fail. I am not happy with it at all. I’ll keep it and use it as a what not to do for future work. Since my blue thread came, I decided to start the next basket, but that got slowed down because I couldn’t get the needle thru the holes drilled in the base. I had to redrill all the holes in that one and the other one that was similar. I tried a smaller needle, but that didn’t work either. But I did finally get it started.

I did order the Bountiful Basket plus the southern hospitality package. I pick it up Saturday at 7AM. I should have plenty of fruits and veggies then. I will put off any grocery shopping until I see what is in the basket. I’m hoping to get back to clean eating now that everyone is gone and there won’t be any eating out for a while.

This morning I put the wind up timer on Lorna and Bob’s palm trees, I will have to go back and make sure it did turn off, but it seemed to be working fine when I was there. I also checked Vicki’s palms again and they are getting water so I don’t have to do anything there. She is leaving tomorrow and I have to go get her indoor palm this morning. I am going to palm sit while she is gone. I’m hoping it can live on the patio and that it isn’t too hot for it out here. My anti static bags were in my po box, so I made up some credit card covers for her. They should keep any of her cards with the RFID chip in them from getting scanned. I only needed two. I was hoping they would make it before she left.

Today is Amazon Prime day. I have to decide if I want to order my kindle now and save $60. I also want to get a leaf vac/mulcher for the patio. I am sick of sweeping up leaves. I could use them as mulch for the grapefruit tree. I have until the end of the day to decide. 

The rest of the day will be basket coiling as it is too hot to be outside. Yesterday topped out at 112, and it is only supposed to get warmer.

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