Thursday, July 30, 2015

Possible thundershowers later

Was a hard walk this morning. The temps were pushing 90 and the humidity was about 42%. I haven’t stopped sweating yet. Of course I am still outside. 

Lots of clouds and maybe a thunderstorm later today. We had a few drops of rain yesterday - very few. We haven’t been hit hard by the monsoons yet. I haven’t seen a wash running. I hear some of the more outlying ones have, but not the ones surrounding the park.

I got started on my pine needle tree. But my fingers haven’t recovered from the last basket. I will have to put on band aids today. I have a split in my right index finger, but want to continue working on the tree.

Chatted with my friend Linda on messenger yesterday and asked about her making a fused glass star for the tree. But then I got to wondering about an inexpensive I went looking. I found a beginners kit with everything you need to get started for less than a hundred bucks. It is a microwave kiln. Now I just need to find a used, cheap microwave. Apparently you can’t use the microwave for food after using the kiln in it. I have a spot I can put it on the patio. I’m thinking I will try to make some glass ornaments and my own tree topper for the coiled tree. It is using a lot of needles and I will have to find some more soon. I just realized that if I make a base for it, it will be an actual basket, just inverted. Hmmmm….I will need something xmasy as a surprise when you lift the tree.

This is what I have done so far. I had to stop because my fingers hurt.

So I am going to get to fuse glass at home, and teach myself. I wasn’t too impressed by the instructor at the rock club when I took that class. I might have to buy a couple of tools, better than the ones that come in the kit, but will start with those. I ordered the kit, the book, and extra glass bits. I might end up having to sell the tree. If I do, it won’t be cheap.

I started checking my blood sugar again yesterday. It isn’t off the scales. A little high, but not enough to have to go see a doctor. I did better with my eating yesterday too. I believe it is a boredom thing.

Oh, and my glasses are great. They do exactly what I want them to do. I can see what I am working on in my hands and when I glance up at the TV, I can see that too. Yay. Finally. I’m going to have to wait to order the sunglasses. I’m going to get the same frames because they fit well without any tweaking. The suns will be bifocal too. I might actually be able to see the dash now.

Another night of about three hours of sleep. I tried going to the chair around 2:30, but I just can’t get comfortable in that one like I could in the old one. For one thing, it doesn’t go back far enough. When I get some money, I will have to replace it. Something smaller, like I had in VT. I’ll have to go to Yuma for that. I haven’t been motivated enough to go much of anywhere.

Anyway, that is about it for me. It is going to be another indoor day. Hot, humid, and quiet. Hope to get quite a bit more done on the tree. Nothing else on the agenda. I will have to go out tomorrow and hit the post office, but I’m not expecting much of anything. Maybe some more charms for the last basket, but there isn’t any rush on that. Pam is going to see if she has another owl base for me.

Hmmm…just had to spray some ants on the patio again. Time to get vigilant again.

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