Thursday, July 23, 2015

No ants.

I made it thru the day without ants! Yay! Although I am a bit paranoid now. I’m looking everywhere all the time. I did buy a gallon of the Home Defense stuff I was told to get and tried to get Spectrum, but the local hardware store didn’t have it. I picked up a job app while I was there and will get that filled out and taken back in the next day or so. I will spray around the outside of the house again as soon as I can’t smell the DG stuff. Probably a few days. That stuff is supposed to last about six weeks. It sure does work fast tho.

I made a fruit salad with the rest of the pears that came in my Bountiful Basket last week, I wasn’t eating them, so needed to deal with them. I’m not a big fan of pears. Don’t like the texture. Today I will have to deal with the tomatoes I got in my basket. They all ripened at the same time. The corn on the cob got cooked, but I only ate two of the four ears, the other two I tossed. It was horrible. That is the disadvantage of the basket, you get stuff you don’t normally use or want. I will be glad when the farmers market comes back. I like choosing my veggies for the week, and I can do it every week instead of every two weeks.

I tried one of the little DG microwave single serving cups of red beans and rice. It was pretty good. I had that for dinner with a tomato salad with feta. Fruit salad for desert. There weren’t any chemicals in it, just dehydrated food. I will buy that again. Easy meal. Cheap too, $1 each.

I got some more shorts at Sal’s, but I have gained enough weight that I can get them on, but they are tight. Just like the rest of my clothes. I have two pair of shorts that are comfy, well three, but it is too warm to wear the camo shorts. I was hoping to get at least one more pair of comfy shorts. I may have to switch to skirts soon. Hmmmm….might be cooler. I also got yet another black t-shirt, a purple jacket and a rust/orange long sleeve t-shirt. A ceramic garlic grater to use as a soap dish in the bathroom. I had been looking for a soap dish since I moved in. It looks nice. 

I picked up a bag of popping corn at DG to hopefully help with the snack cravings. I know corn is high in carbs, but the popcorn without condiments is relatively low cal and fat free. I’m just about out of almonds and won’t be going to Blythe until they get the highway situation straightened out.

By the time I got everything done, it was almost lunch time, so I had lunch and settled in with a book. That is what I did yesterday afternoon along with checking for ants every hour or so. 

Rusty, across the street, brought over some cut wood scraps from his workshop. I can use them as bases for baskets. I need to drill them and decorate or paint them, but they were free. :)

Breakfast at 7:30 this morning at Carol’s on B Street. I need to shower and dress before then. It is also hair wash day so I will need a few extra minutes.

I may start a new basket today (I know, I said that yesterday too). Another one of the southwest tiles. Thinking red and white. We’ll see. My colors are limited. At some point I need to see what Pam has for resin bases. Hers are already drilled.

I really don’t have much to write about. The humidity has dropped and the temps have gone up. It is amazing how much better 105 degrees feels than 100 with 42% humidity. I even took the scooter out mid afternoon to get rid of the garbage since I am now extra cautious due to the ant issues. It was nice walking this morning, about 77 degrees. Very comfortable.

I have decided that I am going to allow some of my favorite foods back into my diet. When I try to stick to the diet I have cravings, no will power, and feel guilty every time I eat anything. Not a lot, but enough to hopefully rid myself of the guilt and cravings. I am not loosing any weight with the way things are going and it is time to modify that. Plus, I don’t like feeling guilty all the time. I just have to remember moderation. I will still stay away from sweets and most carbs like bread, chips, etc. But it won’t kill me to have them once in a while.  I walk a minimum of 1.25 miles five days a week, sometimes more depending on the watering schedule, and when Glenn and Diane get back, might up that since I will be able to walk elsewhere. But having to walk the park every morning has been good. The responsibility of keeping an eye on the irrigation systems gets me out of the house when I would most likely blow it off. 

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