Friday, July 24, 2015

Started a new basket

I barely made it to the breakfast on time yesterday, but they hadn’t started eating yet. It was fun. It feels good to be included in stuff. It is so different here than IP. One of the reasons I decided to put down roots here.

Anyway, I read on FB that the food bank had lots of fresh produce, so I went over. I hadn’t been this month. I got a huge bag of mixed leaf lettuce, a huge bag of baby spinach and a huge bag of cole slaw mix. I cooked most of the spinach, it was four pots full. That is now in the freezer. I ate salad twice yesterday and will do so again today. I made up a tomato salad again with the second box of cherry tomatoes from my basket, still have the large tomatoes to deal with. I might cook them. I love stewed tomatoes. 

The pears are finally gone. :) The fruit salad did the trick. Otherwise they would still be sitting there. Today I will make another fruit salad with the melon I got yesterday. I had catfish with my salad last night. There were only three pieces left so I cooked all three and will have the last of it for lunch today. Good to get that out of the freezer. I don’t care much for the fish out here. Can’t get haddock which is my favorite.

After I got done dealing with the food bank produce, it was lunch time. I had lunch and then took a nap. The last couple of nights I have slept without my Simply Sleep. Last night I was up several times in the night, so I hope to get a nap again today.

I started a new basket yesterday. Got a fair amount done in a couple of hours. These are the materials I am working with…

This is what I have gotten done so far…..

Made it thru another day without ants. Yay. But this morning after I got back from my walk I went to go inside and was startled by this…

Seems to be my week for bugs. I’m going to spray the heavy duty stuff this morning because now I am totally creeped out and paranoid. I don’t want anything around that is worse. So far they have been harmless, but I know for a fact that there are things that bite and sting out here. Some people have the professionals come once a month to treat the properties. It costs $25 a month. If I had some income, I would consider it. But I’m pretty handy and the gallon of spray is only $14, so I guess I will just do it myself. 

I don’t have anything on the agenda for today except my new basket. I’m going to try to work some glass beads into it. I’m also using a different stitch. I might try a couple more before I’m done too. Each basket is a learning experience and an experiment. Some come out better than others.

I ordered some southwest charms on eBay last night. I got howling coyotes, cactus, roadrunners and suns. I’m hoping to use a coyote and a sun on this basket. I can add those any time after they get here as they will be on the outside. That leaves me with one more resin base from Pam. It is another rock painting like the blue one I did, but a bit smaller. I want to try some small baskets too. I have three specific projects in mind as gifts, all experimental of course.

I took the scooter to breakfast yesterday. I rode it around the park a couple times after because it was looking like it needed a charge. Then I hooked it up and charged it. It takes a while for it to get a full charge and I try to run it down as much as possible before I plug it in.

There is a chance that the people on B Street might sell their electric golf cart. I am definitely interested. It needs some work, but what used vehicle doesn’t. That would give me something to do. 

Well, I guess it is time I break out the insecticide. Then a shower and back to my latest basket. I’m going to try not to let Keith’s issues bug me. Just not sure what is going on in his head. I can’t be any more honest with him than I have already been, and if friendship isn’t enough….well…that is his problem. Sigh….I hate drama.


  1. I don't know if this will help with your ants...but it has worked for me. I sprinkle either cinnamon or ground black pepper around the spot where they're getting in and it deters them. Actually, after a couple of applications, it stops them. No poison, and no poisoned air for people to breathe. Worth a try, maybe?

    1. I have tried cinnamon, borax, all the natural products. This is the Sonoran Desert, and I am going to use the stuff that actually works. There are just way too many creepy and dangerous critters, and I am not messing around. :) But thanks.

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