Friday, July 17, 2015

Solar cooking via 12 volts

We have some storms in the forecast for the next day or so and a flash flood warning for the washes. This morning it is hot and humid. Humid enough to smell the water in the air. Smells like it does when the watering systems are on. I had to look and make sure something hadn’t sprung a leak somewhere. 

Yesterday I got the leak fixed on G street, and went back and checked on it later and checked it again this morning. I also had to tweak the bubbler heads for the grapefruit tree, I think the water pressure is down. The system on the north oleanders sounds like it has a lot of air in the pipes when it is going. 

Speaking of leaks, I need to buy a new hand held shower this morning, the cheap one I picked up at Family Dollar has sprung a leak - again. This one I can’t fix, has to be replaced. The only other thing I need to do is go to the post office. Tomorrow at 7 AM I pick up my Bountiful Basket.

Spent most of yesterday working on the blue basket. I did throw together a chili and put it out in the shed on the 12v crock pot and cooked dinner with solar power. It worked. I had to keep checking it as the breaker tripped a couple of times, but that is probably because it was so hot. Nice to know I can cook dinner without using electricity.

Vicki left yesterday and is on a plane to Maryland at the moment. She will be back in a month or so. Keith will be back mid September. Going to be strange without both of them. I have gotten used to having them around. 

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