Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Reading and snoozing

Not much to write about this morning. Yesterday was a wasted day. I slept and read alternately thru the day. The temps are back up over 110 degrees, so I didn’t spend much time outdoors. Didn’t go anywhere or do anything. It was also an eating day. Just one of those days where whatever I ate just didn’t satisfy the craving so I kept eating even tho I wasn't hungry. About the only productive things I did yesterday was sweep the leaves off the patio (they are back) and keep the sink dish free.

I guess today I will shower and dress early, do a load of laundry and head to town to the post office. I don’t really need to go to DG, so it will just be the post office and Salvation Army. I also have to decide if I am going to order a bountiful basket or not. I have until 10 tonight to decide.

I guess I will start either a new basket or the new bracelet today. I am still waiting for the blue thread for the two bases that are predominantly blue. I have one more base that is red and green and one more plain wooden base. I’m thinking of making a fruit basket for the table with the second plain wooden base. But I need the black thread for that and I ordered that the same time I ordered the blue.

Another eight weeks or so and it should start cooling down. More outdoor time. Also things should start picking up in town. By Thanksgiving there will be a lot more to do around here. I’m hoping to spend more time at the rock club and do their monthly tailgater (craft show). I now have tables and a decent car I can use. Plus, I would like to do some hiking. Maybe I can get Keith in on that. I bet he hasn’t been to Crystal Hill or climbed Q Mountain. There is also Palm Canyon. All of which I have done, but would like to do again.

I will also try container gardening again and see if I can get some trumpet vine and desert willow started again. I managed to get them both started, but they didn’t survive the heat. I need to find someone to come prune my grapefruit tree as well. A professional. Someone who knows what they are doing. It has grown a lot and has a lot of dead stuff too. It is getting too big and needs to be tamed.


  1. I dont think I could stand the heat OR not being able to spend time outside. You are a stronger person than I... Cheers!!!

    1. I'm guessing it will be a little easier next summer...so they say. I am looking forward to fall tho. :) I do get outside on a daily basis, and if worse comes to worse, can get out and about in an air conditioned car.