Monday, July 6, 2015

Quiet Sunday

I’m kind of sad this morning. I have been missing Jake and Kali Cat a lot this weekend and seeing pictures of the house and our furniture on FB this morning just made it harder. 

It looks like Keith left early this morning and he took his motorcycle. Last time I spoke to him, he hadn’t decided if he was taking the truck or the bike. The bike was gone and the truck wasn’t. Hope he has a fun and safe trip. He won’t be back until mid September. Vicki is leaving next week for a couple of weeks or more. It is going to be very quiet here.

Yesterday was a quiet day. I had planned on starting a new basket but made the mistake of picking up my iPad and starting a new book while I ate my breakfast and that determined the day. I didn’t even get showered until I put my jammies on last night. Stayed in my walking clothes all day. Didn’t even make the bed. I did make a fruit salad as my peaches and nectarines were ripe, and I tried a soup in the solar cooker, but it didn’t get above 175 degrees in there all day so I ended up having to transfer it to another pot and finishing it up in the microwave. Going to add a can of beans to it today and have it for dinner.

It was only 82 this morning but the humidity is way up so it is still hot. Just about every other evening we get severe weather warnings, but so far we have been lucky and it has gone around us. Lots of thunder and lightening tho. The power went out long enough for the clock on the stove to go out and have to be reset. The TV didn’t even go off, but my swamp cooler did and so did the ice  machine.

Not much new and exciting here. I am going to try again this morning to get a new basket started. I just ordered some new color thread. I have some bases that need blue and I don’t have any blue thread. I’m going to have to learn how to make my own bases too. When it is cool enough to work outdoors. I don’t want that mess indoors. I have another base similar to the one I used on my second basket and since I have the colors for that, I will probably use that one. I may try to work in some beads of some sort too. 

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