Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New glasses and updates

I got my vacuuming and dusting done and cut up both the melon and watermelon so I could take the garbage to the dumpster on my way out. 

Went to the hardware store and dropped off my application. The won’t be hiring until September or October, but I said I was available any time and would take any position they have part time or full time. Talked to the owner briefly. From there I went to the library and got my new card. Tried to update my laptop, but the download was just too big. I was there about an hour and a half to two hours, and got my phone updated and all but two apps on the iPad updated along with downloading all the new free books from Amazon that I have been reserving since the last time I downloaded books. There were quite a few. I found a JD Robb book I hadn’t read yet, so signed that out. I’m in the process of reading that, got it started while I was at the library.

I then went to Salvation Army. Didn’t get much, another tank top, some spatter screens and a candle holder. Then I decided to try McDonald’s free wifi and since it was lunch time, I also got a burger and fries. It wasn’t much faster than the library, so I didn’t get my computer updated or the other two apps on the iPad. Very frustrating. I am going to try Love’s next. Pilot charges for theirs. I may have to give in and use my pay per gig. I don’t want to, but the updates need to be done at some point.

While I was at DG I got a call about Ody. So I headed home and went and got Ody and brought her back to the empty lot next door. The people were coming from Parker. She started up first try. I fired up the generator and got the inside cooled down. They looked at her, but I don’t think she was what they were looking for. I figured since I had her out I would take her for a drive. I did the route that circled the whole town, so she got about five miles under her belt yesterday. The next time I take her out I will gas her up. I’m getting better at backing her in to her spot. There is a brick wall I have to watch out for, and the mirrors only allow you to see so much.

Got her tucked back into her kool cover and headed back to the house. By this time it was close to 3PM, and I was done for the day. I read some of my book, but had to put it down. I was too tired to read. Watched a little TV, snoozed, watched some more TV…and then bed around 10:30.

I did get my new glasses. I think they are going to work for me. I used them to watch TV last night, and could still see what was in my hands. I won’t know for sure until I start a new basket. 

That about wrapped up my day for yesterday. I didn’t get much at DG, the usual, peanut butter, coffee, creamer….no extras. Oh I did grab a couple of extension cords and got one at Sal’s too. It seems you never have enough of those. I needed one for a fan that I want to use instead of the swamp cooler. That doesn’t help much when the humidity is up.

I have nothing on the agenda for today. I am going to read my book, and when that one is done, will read another. Tomorrow I will start another basket. Not sure what yet. Maybe an attempt at a christmas tree for myself. If that works out, I will have to look for a mini string of lights for it. White of course.

I’m dreading the next electric bill. I will read my meter on Thursday. It is going to hurt. I have enough in the bank for one or two more electric bills unless I can get Ody sold. I should start asking for the money that I loaned out. I need it now. 

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