Sunday, July 26, 2015

Very quiet in Mountain View Resort

Yesterday was very quiet. Got my shower and then settled in to work on my basket. I played several movies throughout the day to  keep me entertained. Weekend TV is absolutely horrible. 

I have to say that I am starting to get lonely. With everyone gone, there isn’t anyone to visit with, even briefly, to break up the day. Today I am going to work on the basket some more, maybe finish it up, and tomorrow I will go out. Hoping my new glasses will be at the post office, hit the library for my card, maybe the market and definitely the Salvation Army or maybe one of the other thrift shops for a change. I might even take my iPad and get that updated either at the library or McDonalds (free wifi).

Most of the time I don’t mind being on my own, I have gotten used to it, but I have also gotten used to seeing live people on a daily basis. Reminds me of Island Pond where everyone had their own life and I was alone most of the time. But it is temporary. I’m sure this winter I will be wishing for some time on my own.

We are going thru another warm up. Topped out at 108 yesterday and it is supposed to get warmer with the humidity coming back Tuesday or Wednesday. Too hot to get out and do anything. And I am feeling like I want to get out and do something. It is warm out here on the patio this morning. No open windows today.

Oh, I sent an email to that camper company. We’ll see if they answer. 

This is the progress I made on the basket yesterday.

I passed the point where I wanted to put the beads in, wasn’t quite sure how to do it. I do want to get them in tho, and will place them somewhere else before it is finished. This one has a couple of spots I’m not too happy with, but I will eventually forget about them.

I had one of those nights last night where I kept waking up. I hate those. I haven’t taken any Simply Sleep for a couple of nights, guess I will have to tonight. I will eventually get back into the habit of sleeping I hope. I was doing pretty good while I was on the road, but not so much since I have been here. Or, I was doing pretty good while I had some money in the bank…

I reposted the ad for Ody yesterday. Put it on FB again and asked people to share. I will have to start taking her out with a for sale sign on her. She isn’t so big that I can’t use her for some errands and she will get exposure that way. But I will wait until things start picking up.

The highway in CA where the bridge washed out last week is opened again. It is down to one lane each way, but I won’t have to go that far and it shouldn’t affect any driving I might do. Blythe is before the bridge.

My walks are getting a little later each morning. I had been going out at 5, but now it is up to 5:15. Soon it will be 5:30, and so on. It has to be light enough to see, and early enough that I don’t have the sun.

So far, no ants. Yay.

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