Thursday, July 9, 2015

A day out and about

Good morning.
Yesterday was pretty much a loss. Vicki and I left here a little before 10 and didn’t get back until after 2. I tended Cocoa while Vicki was getting her hair cut, then we went to Kmart, and then the vets for Cocoa’s health certificate. I bought a couple of storage cubes at Kmart and two tank tops. One of the storage cubes, more trunk than cube will go on the top shelf over the bed above the quilts, and the other is beside my chair with all my basket supplies in it. Makes a nice table to set my water mug on too.

I found my iPod shuffle yesterday morning and got it setup with walking tunes last night. Including a few new ones from the Burlesque sound track. I removed the ones that weren’t suitable to walk to. Tried it out this morning and it was much better than the full size iPod stuck in my bra strap. :)

This morning is gorgeous! When I walked it was about 76 degrees with a nice breeze. I had goose bumps. I wasn’t cold, but have gotten so used to walking in the 80’s that my arms got chills. It is warmer now, but still nice. Supposed to be like this the next few days. I want to get out in the shed while it is cool and finish the bracelet blanks I started earlier in the season. Not even supposed to go above 100 degrees today. A real treat.

I did spend an hour or so on my basket last night. Didn’t get a lot done, but am getting to the point where I am going to have to figure out the handles. I expect to have it finished today or tomorrow. Then I want to try a pine needle bracelet. This is what it looks like this morning….

There is an article online about Josh Garza and his companies. They are saying he fled to Dubai to avoid prosecution. What a sleaze. Jakes 100K shares are worthless. We will never see the money that is owed him. This is the article…

I try to stay away from strong words and emotions, hate being one of them, but I will use it when it comes to him. I didn’t like him the moment I met him and it just got worse from there. He’s nothing but a man running a long con, and they are catching up to him. I hope they get him and that he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He took something that Jake and I built together and ruined it. Dragged it through the dirt, soiled it and then tossed it out. I so wish that I had been included in the negotiations. I was only introduced to him the day of the closing. If I had met him before then, they never would have been able to get their hands on IPW. I could have retired on what they owe us.

K, enough bitterness.

I’m going to enjoy the beautiful weather for as long as we have it and be grateful for it. :)

The people that looked at Ody have decided they can’t buy right now. I just need to be patient. Once the snowbirds start coming back, I should be able to sell her quickly. It is just the wrong season to sell a motor home here. I’m good for cash for a couple more months. By then the second college job might come thru. I will keep advertising her tho.

I guess that is about all I have this morning. Keith left on Monday, and Vicki is leaving a week from today. Thinking I might make a trip to Yuma to see Howard and Barbara while I am on my own. Have been wanting to do that for a while now. The car needs some exercise. She doesn’t get out much because I have been going along for the ride with both Vicki and Keith. Saves gas. :)

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