Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New glasses

Not much to write about this morning. I did get a pair of bifocals ordered online. I went thru the whole process on glasses.com, and by the time I hit the check out, I decided it was more than I wanted to spend for a basic pair of glasses without any extra features. So I went looking for alternatives and found 39dollar glasses. Got the exact same thing ordered from them for fifty bucks less, including shipping. I’m hoping they solve my hand work/TV problem. I can see the TV without my glasses, but can see it a lot better with.

That is about all I accomplished yesterday. I never got out of my walking clothes, and spent the day reading. I read two books. Didn’t see anyone or go anywhere. Today is going to be similar, except you can add a load of laundry to that. Tomorrow I want to start a new basket. I took some time out of my reading and got my nails cut and filed, my toenails polished, including some new super glue on my broken one. That lasted about two weeks, so I should be good for another two weeks now.

I won’t be going very far until traffic settles some. Q seems to be the spot where all the highway traffic detours, and I hear people are driving like idiots. I don’t need anything bad enough to get out and deal with that. I can order the stuff online that I can’t buy here in town. I know my way around town well enough now to be able to stay off the main roads for the most part too.

It is pretty quiet here without Keith and Vicki. But I have spent so much time alone in my life, that it isn’t too distressing. What I don’t care for is being stuck indoors all day. But that will be over in another six or eight weeks. At least I don’t have to shovel, and if I want to drive, I can.

I have had moments when I miss both Jake and Kali Cat enough that it hurts. But that is nothing new. Just keep myself busy. 

The humidity is supposed to drop off and the temps going above 105 again. I like the cooler temps, but the humidity that seems to come along with them this time of year makes them just as hard to deal with as 115 degrees. Again, just keep myself busy. More baskets. I have had a couple of new ideas I might try out. Plus, on the next one I want to do a different stitch and maybe add some beads. I wanted to add beads to the last one, but couldn’t quite figure it out. I will watch the tutorial I downloaded the other day before I start a new basket.

The new facebook shopping cart app, ECWID, only allows 10 products in my catalog. I guess I will have to pick and choose what I want to feature. I can make as many changes as I want, just can't go over ten products.

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  1. Getting your glasses for fifty bucks less is a fine deal. It’s a good thing that you looked into other online stores before checking out of the previous one. Anyway, I hope that pair solves your TV/hand work problems, and are sturdy enough to last you for quite some time. Good day!

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes