Sunday, July 12, 2015

Shed time

Spent some time in the shed yesterday finishing up the bracelet blanks. I prepped another one (punched holes and tumbled) so I can try another coiled bracelet. This one is thiner and lighter with only one set of holes going down the middle, and there will be no corners. It will be a bangle. Probably won’t start that until tomorrow. I did not get to look for my arrowheads. I really need to get in the shed and do some organizing, it is a mess, per usual. At least I can find my tools now that I have the tool chest. Although I am always opening the wrong drawer. I should label the drawers.

Got both the bracelet and the basket preserved with the beeswax. My oven worked just fine. I vacuumed and then settled in with a book. Hadn’t read for several days.

Vicki texted me yesterday saying her palm trees weren’t getting any water, and I looked this morning when they were scheduled to water. Sure enough, no water. These palms are on tiny feeds and they have probably been crushed by roots. I will need to get a couple of hoses, a splitter and a timer for them until Glenn and Diane get back and can take care of it. Will get that setup sometime this week. 

Going to another floating restaurant this afternoon. They want us to ride with them. Guess that means I will have to make another trip to Parker unless I can get them to stop at Walmart so I can get what I need. I know exactly what I need and where it is, so maybe they will be amenable.

We topped out at 104 degrees yesterday. I did get to open the windows and turn on the fans about 2:30 this morning. It has to be cooler or the same temp outside as it is inside before I do that. My AC is set at 80 degrees. I have already closed up for the day. But it is still comfortable out as long as I’m not in the sun.

Having a problem with ants. Little red ones on the patio, larger ones in the cat food for the birds. This morning I have the larger ones on the patio. They are after something that wasn’t there last night. I don’t eat out here, so I have no idea what they are after. I just hosed them down, and they are back already. 

I need to deal with the garbage this morning, that means a scooter ride. Other than that, I don’t have anything but dinner on the agenda for today. Tomorrow I will do my weekly rounds, post office, market and Salvation Army. I may also start the new bracelet tomorrow. If the new one comes out nice, I will post it for sale. The first one I will keep. I also need to spend some time on my shopping cart. I have had absolutely no sales and need to weed some of the more common stuff out.

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