Saturday, July 11, 2015

Finished basket and an experimental bracelet

Was a full day yesterday. Spent a couple of hours working in the shed rolling some bracelet blanks, looking for my arrow heads (didn’t find them) and settling on shells to finish up the basket. I drilled the holes in the shells and then punched holes in a copper band for my next project and tossed it into the tumbler to polish it up. Can’t do it after. Then I showered and dressed and rode to town with Vicki. We went to the thrift shop where I bought three music CD’s, and DG where I picked up a few things I needed. When we got back, I finished up the basket. Here it is….

It still needs to be waxed, and am hoping to get that done today. Once that was done, I took a little break and then got started on my new project. Spent the rest of the day on that.
Started with this….

And the finished product…. If I make these to sell, they aren't going to be cheap. This one took about ten hours.

That is a piece of float copper (glacial deposits) from Michigan. The bracelet isn’t quite what I expected, but I am not unhappy with it. I want to get it waxed today along with the last basket so I can wear the bracelet tomorrow. My first one will not be gifted or sold. I need to tweak the next one a little, make some changes to its construction. It is quite heavy, so I might use a smaller piece of copper. I had wanted to do a bangle so I wouldn’t have corners, but that piece of copper wasn’t long enough I will have to stretch the next one a little more. I need to find my engraving pen so I can mark the inside.

Tomorrow we are all (A Street) going to another floating restaurant in Parker for dinner. I am going to have to start saying no to meals out pretty soon. Vicki wanted an omelette yesterday so we went to the Stagecoach for lunch. That was 12 bucks. I imagine tomorrow will be more. Currently none of the money I have been spending is getting replaced, so I am going to have to stop.

Another beautiful morning. 73 degrees. Almost felt cold. And here I was calling Keith a wuss. He has been here longer so is much more tolerant of the heat than the cold.

I probably won’t start another basket today. I want to spend some more time making bracelet blanks while it is cooler. I also need to plug in the crock pot so I can wax the bracelet and the basket. It will take a while for the beeswax to melt. I need to take another look for the arrow heads, they are there somewhere, several different sizes. Got those at the trade blanket last winter. They are with some other stuff, and it will be interesting to see if there is anything I can use. They might be in a cardboard box instead of a tote. I will be turning on the oven for the first time today as the latest basket won’t fit in the toaster oven. I’m hoping it works. :)

I also need to vacuum up the pine needle pieces that have gotten spread over the floors. It is time to vacuum anyway. Other than that, I don’t have much on the agenda. I do quite well keeping myself busy. For the most part, always have. I might take a day or two for reading. It has been a few days. I think the last book was on Monday. Or start another bracelet, I have some ideas on how to make it better.

I got my IP cam out the other day and set that up by the sliding doors. But I am thinking I might mount it at the back end of the patio so I can see the whole patio and the back door. It will be under cover and we don’t get the weather that the northeast gets, so it should be fine. Especially with the patio being enclosed. The only problem with that is I will have to run an extension cord because I never got the new outlets installed. I will have to have that done if I get a golf cart, unless I turn it solar, which is what I am considering doing. But I have to get Ody sold first before I can even think about that.

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