Friday, July 31, 2015

Sore fingers

I worked on the basket most of the day. But it is kind of slow going because my fingers are very sore. I have wrapped them in bandaids just so I can work on the basket. 

Last night I treated them with witch hazel, it is supposed to help. They don’t feel that bad this morning, but I’m sure the minute I pick up the needle, I will be hurting again. More bandaids. Taking the day off from coiling won’t help, it takes several days for my fingers to recover. I did make some progress tho. This is where I stopped last night..

When I get to the base, I think I am going to edge it in white to represent snow. Haven’t figured out what I am going to use as a base for the base yet. Maybe a candle base for a battery operated candle…Not that it will show thru the basket…Gonna have to think on that.

Today I need to go to the post office, try to find a microwave for my glass work, take my book back to the library, and I might try Love’s wifi to see if I can get this computer updated finally. If that doesn’t work, I will have to bite the bullet and use my pay per gig. The glass kit is supposed to be delivered today, and I would like to be able to try it out. But I won’t be able to unless I find a microwave. If I had been thinking when I ordered the kit, Salvation Army was open until 1, but I didn’t realize what day it was and missed my chance to go there. They don’t open again until Monday. There are two other thrift shops in town, but I don’t know their hours. I will check while I am out today. 

Got a nice thunderstorm yesterday. My rain gauge says a half inch, but others are saying 1 inch. It was enough to get the washes running. And I really didn’t have to walk this morning, but I wanted to check for storm damage in the park. The temperature dropped from 106 to 77 in less than an hour. But that was mostly while it was still raining. So I really couldn’t get out much to enjoy it. 52% humidity this morning, made for a rough walk. The temps were around 80.

Here are some photos from this morning's sunrise...

The setting moon. Tonight is the Blue Moon

The scooter got wet so I had to dry that off. And since it looked like we would be getting more rain, I just moved it. I still need to make a cover for the vinyl seat, the towel that I had on it got really wet. I need to make the cover with something a little lighter. I will move the scooter back to it’s spot later and put it ’s cover on this time.

Today I get to read my electric meter and pay that bill. I’m dreading it. One more month of heat, and then it should start cooling off. Looking forward to that. Then I might be able to work out in the shed on some other projects. Get a little more exercise, get a job, get Ody sold, etc.

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