Saturday, August 1, 2015

Found a microwave

I did find a microwave, but not while I was out and about. There was only one thrift shop open yesterday, they are open the opposite days of Salvation Army, and aren’t too far from it either. They didn’t have a microwave. I stopped at the market and picked up a few things, and dropped my book off at the library. Then I went to Love’s to check out their wifi, and they charge for theirs too. I gave up and came home. 

I got a message on FB that someone had a free microwave, so I went and got it. On the way back I stopped at Family Dollar, which I have only been to a couple of times, and found some kids paints, some more scented wax melts, and a few other things. I don’t know why I don’t go there more often other than the fact that I don’t get to that side of town all that often. I had looked at DG earlier, and they didn’t have any paints of any kind. They don’t have much in the way of craft items. Family Dollar has some nice looking fall stuff and more craft stuff. I will have to remember that and go there more often. I only bought three things at DG yesterday, soy sauce, butter, and hair spray. The hair spray is for the glass work to use as a temporary glue to hold things in place while they are being moved.

By the time I got back from FD and picking up the microwave, FedEx had been here and delivered my glass kit. I checked that out, looked at the instructions, took a quick glance thru the book. And this morning I will try my first fused glass piece. I do need to clean up the microwave.

I didn’t work on my tree. I let my sore fingers rest for a day. Pam brought me over some finger cots and I will give them a try, see if they help. If so, I will buy a box. Or….I just remembered the leather finger protector I used embroidering, found some on eBay and ordered four. I need at least three. Those should help a lot. I won’t have to grip the needle as hard either.

I did well on the snacking thing and meals for the second day in a row. I was hungry mid afternoon and wanted some plain popcorn. I had been looking for a microwave popper, but hadn’t found one. So I tried using a paper bag. I had some lunch bags I bought for seed saving, and it worked great! I should be able to get at least two uses out of each bag, and they are fairly cheap and recyclable. One less thing I have to keep looking for. My microwave has a popcorn setting that was just about perfect too. I picked up another package of bags at FD.

This morning I read my meter and calculate my electric bill. I’m not looking forward to that. 

Oh, I finally got a runner rug to put down beside the bed to absorb the worst of the traffic on the carpet in the bedroom. It isn’t the color I wanted, but it was only $10 at FD. I also picked up another rug for in front of the kitchen sink. It is red and black. I wanted orange for the bedroom, but settled for red. The ones I found online were more than I wanted to spend.

I was also looking for acrylic paints while I was out yesterday, but struck out. I ended up with a kids water color set, but just found some acrylics on eBay and ordered them. I don’t need the paint until I finish my current project, so I can wait until they arrive. I got the whole set of 15 at a pretty good price and it has all the colors I need. They are coming from Gilbert AZ. I would have had to mix the kids stuff to get my colors. I want to go to the free rock painting class on the 15th, so they will come in handy when I try it on my own later. I have to find a rock for the class, must be a free one somewhere in AZ. Probably right here in my yard.

So today’s agenda is to clean up the microwave, try my first piece of fused glass, and work on my tree, and do a load of laundry. I have the microwave setup outside, but since my guy that was supposed to install my outlets never did it, I have to use an extension cord. Unless I move the microwave, but it is right beside my work bench now, where I need it.

Well, I guess that is about it for this morning. Looks like I will be drying my clothes indoors today. We have some pretty angry looking clouds up there. Didn’t get to see the blue moon at all. Figures, every other night there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

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