Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Basket/tree progress

Went to the post office, the market for fruit, and Salvation Army yesterday. This is only the second time I have come out of Sal’s with nothing. Wasn’t looking for anything in particular and I am good on clothes for now. I was really too early for the post office, so there wasn’t anything to pick up. I will have to go back to the post office today or tomorrow. I got notification that my acrylic paint set was delivered and probably my test strips for my blood sugar.  Might be some charms too. But I will probably wait until tomorrow.

I have been looking for some molds that will fit in the little kiln, but haven’t had any success. I did find some on a blog, but the blog was from 2009. Couldn't find any more info about how to buy the molds. I guess my next research will be on how to make molds for a microwave kiln. I ordered some glass paint this morning and will try that out too. You paint, then fire and it becomes permanent. It widens my options.

Worked on my basket the rest of the day after I finished the book I started at breakfast. Worked on it until 8 or so last night. I was hoping to finish it up last night, but didn’t quite make it. I will finish it today. Then it will be ready to decorate, which means I will go into glass fusing mode. I want to make about 24 little ornaments for it. I am thinking the easiest topper might be from soaked needles since the kiln is so small. But we will see. Maybe I will  make a copper wire topper instead. Or, I still have a little bit of sheet copper, I could do something with that and mount some glass pieces. What ever I top it with, it has to be hand made.

This is where I stopped last night. I will probably have to change to a smaller needle or maybe a curved needle to finish it up. It is getting difficult to fit the needle inside. The rubber fingers help a lot. Not quite so sore.

And here are the pendants I made out of the first couple of pieces of glass….I wore the orange one when I went out yesterday. 

Other than finishing up the basket, I don’t have anything on today’s agenda. Maybe make a few ornaments for the tree. Those will be my experimental pieces. Learn as I go. 

It was hot yesterday and probably will be again today. At least the humidity has dropped. I think we hit about 115-118. We have an excessive heat warning for today and tomorrow, and it always gets warmer than predicted. So maybe I won’t be doing too much in the way of ornaments, or I could put them together and let them dry until tomorrow morning - that way I could still be doing something and that would give them plenty of time to dry and I wouldn’t blow any up like I did my second one.

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