Monday, August 17, 2015

Basket progress

I made some progress on the basket when I finally settled in to work on something. I puttered around yesterday morning, took care of the AMEX issue, I’m getting a new card, put my rocks and baskets pictures in new folders and have them numbered and dated by completion date, a quick visit from one of my neighbors, and made a fruit salad. I also finally got my laundry put away. I usually do that as soon as I bring it in, but didn’t feel like dealing with it the other day, so it just sat there until I got tired of moving it from the bed to the washer and back because it was in my way. Plus, I needed the towels that were in the bottom of the basket. 

I did not paint any rocks yesterday. Blew that time puttering around. I finished puttering around 11, so I decided to have breakfast for lunch and made eggs, and sauteed veggies, and some toast. That actually lasted me until dinner with no snacking. Hmmmm…..I spent the rest of the day on the basket. This is what I have done so far…

I have started the wrapping for the final two rows. Then I will have to figure out how to hang the rock off it too. I wish I had some orange or black grosgrain ribbon, but will figure it out without it. As you can see, I got the beads in it, and the last two rows will be leaning in towards the center of the basket to help with the pumpkin shape.

I didn’t walk this morning. Diane keeps telling me I don’t have to check the watering every day, and it was above 90 degrees and very windy at 5 AM, so I came back in and settled in my chair and slept some more. I do need to follow up and try to get Jorge over here to fix that connection. I told Diane about it last night and Glenn called Jorge and left a message. I didn’t vent, even tho it pisses me off, just mentioned it in passing. Besides, I am tired of walking a mile plus every day and having no visual results. I’m not loosing weight, not feeling any more energetic, and it is just too hot. From now on, anything over 90 degrees and I won’t be walking. I do have my stepper and will try to do that on the days I don’t walk. It is a completely different movement and will use different muscles.

I do want to try to paint a couple of rocks this morning. Still thinking chili pepper, and not sure what else. I download new templates daily. I have a bunch of them printed out. And I want to do some more glass work very soon. Hoping my red paint will be at the post office so I can start on the tree ornaments. I also need to go to the post office at some point today since I didn’t go on Friday. My new glasses should be there, hopefully the red paint too.

It’s going to be another hot one, so I won’t be out much today. But I just got a call from Diane, and Jorge is on his way to fix the fitting on D Street, so I have to meet him there. 

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