Monday, August 3, 2015

Very little to talk about this morning.

Not much new here. I spent the morning yesterday reading, and when I finished my book, I started working on my tree basket again. I made some progress, but it is slow going. I didn’t expect it to take this long. I also dug out my epoxy and put bails on the orange piece of glass and the blue and green piece of glass and made pendants out of them. They are on ball chain. Unfortunately, I don’t have pics of the necklaces or the basket this morning. I will get some pics later. I'm pretty pleased with them.

Today I need to take care of my garbage and recycling, go to the post office, the market and Sal’s. Then I will come back and work on my basket some more. I would like to get it done so I can figure out the ornaments. Then I will do some more glass fusing. I would like to figure out how to do a pumpkin to go on the pumpkin basket I want to make. Ellen’s sister Mary is sending me some glass scraps. Mary was one of the crafters I had in my shop in IP. She’s the one that did all the greeting cards, the dichroic glass and some other stuff. Ellen does all the small quilting projects. I’m grateful for the glass scraps, will save me some money. That stuff is expensive.

Well, it is just about time for me to walk.


  1. I wonder if there are molds made for this craft. Hmmm

    1. I have been looking, but haven't found any yet. I will keep looking.