Tuesday, August 11, 2015

More glass!

Yesterday I got showered and dressed and went to the post office and the market. I only picked up a few things at the market, skipped Sal’s this week. Not much new this time of year. The post office was a bonanza. I got my glass paints, the rest of the charms I had been waiting for and the box of goodies from Mary. She sent me lots of scraps, all stuff I can use, and instructions. I think I am going to play with glass this morning.

I was supposed to go across the street where Pam was teaching Rusty and Lois how to make a basket, but I bailed. I did stop in, but didn’t stay. Pam was there a good part of the day. I also had to run to the local bank in the afternoon because for some reason, they couldn’t transfer my initial deposit from Passumpsic. So I took over a check. Other than that, I read. Two more books. One more and this series of paranormal will be done. I really have to stop starting a new book at breakfast, when I do that, I don’t get anything else done.

Not much else going on here. Tomorrow is my rock painting class. That should be fun. I never did get any more rocks, but I do have several to choose from. I should be good.

I had a little run in with ants yesterday in the yard, but none in the house thankfully. They were after an egg I had tossed out because it wasn’t fully cooked. My own fault. Every day is a learning experience here. 

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