Monday, August 24, 2015

A very quiet Sunday

Was a very quiet day yesterday. After I got the vacuuming and dishes done, I decided it was a reading day, so that is what I did. I read two books. I did find some burger in the freezer, so made the unstuffed cabbage soup and had that for dinner. Other than that, there is nothing noteworthy about the day. TV was terrible last night. I will be glad when the new season starts and I will have something to watch.

We have some weather coming in this week, starting tomorrow. Monsoons. Should be interesting. Temps are still around 110 degrees, plus about 50% humidity. Uncomfortable to be outside. 

Not sure what I am going to do today besides get a shower. I have a jacket I bought at a thrift store last fall that I pulled out of the closet. It is velvet, multi print woven with gold thread and I like the material, but it has a rabbit fur collar. I am going to try to get the fur off without ruining the collar. If I can’t, I will have to figure out what I can make with it. Pillows or a wall hanging or something. Plus, I have my glass and my rock painting, so I have plenty that I can do. I just need the motivation.

I think I might take a trip to Blythe this week. They have a huge Dollar Tree there that I have only been in once, briefly, and would like to spend some time without feeling like I need to rush, and I do need to buy some groceries. And I really need to get out of the house. I haven’t left Q since Vicki left. Haven’t really needed to, but I am getting cabin fever. I was drooling over the pics that Keith posted of Route 66 yesterday. I could go to Yuma, but Howard and Barbara are in Phoenix, so that doesn’t really make sense. Plus I don’t have much money for shopping. I am planning a trip to Yuma to find a new recliner when I get Ody sold. The used one I got at Sal’s has served it’s purpose, but I want something a little smaller, like the green one I had in VT, and I’m finding this one hard to get out of when it is fully reclined. It doesn’t slide into the upright position without a struggle anymore. But that will have to wait until I have some money.

I heard a saw running this morning, so maybe Rusty is working on my rounds for my spice cupboard. I have the spinners, so if he is, I might be working on that project today. I will be glad when I get my shelf back, the spice cupboard is a mess and I can’t find anything and I can’t reach anything in the back at all. Even one of the three would be an improvement. 

I’m anxiously awaiting my kiln. Mary hasn’t shipped it yet. I ordered a couple molds to use in it plus the kiln wash I will need to keep the glass from sticking to the molds.

I’m starting some more alfalfa sprouts this morning and have some quinoa in the microwave. I also want to try to make a chocolate pudding with some chia seed. It isn’t as good as full fat and sugar pudding, but it is better than nothing. I use french vanilla coffee creamer as the flavoring with some cocoa. Like I said, better than nothing. 

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