Saturday, August 8, 2015

A very quiet Friday

I didn’t do much of anything again yesterday except read and sleep. Just not feeling motivated or creative. It will come back around eventually.
I did finally get the Horizon Bank thing done. Created my online account and am ready to use it. Now all I need is some money to put in it. 

I hopped on the scooter and took my garbage to the dumpster and stopped and checked on Ody on the way back. Locked up the battery compartment. I must have missed locking it the last time I showed her. Everything else was locked up the way it was supposed to be.

I had started a book at breakfast and was enjoying it, so I just continued to read after I got my shower.

My knee is much better, no Aleve yesterday at all. I must have pulled a muscle when I got up to use the bathroom sometime in the night. That toilet is really too short. Some days it is painful getting up and down. I will have to remedy that at some point and get a new toilet. I can’t get this one clean anyway.

I talked with Vicki yesterday. She is really enjoying her visit with her sisters and her brothers are coming too. She says it is the first time all five of them will be together. She is heading back on September 6th. So I have another month to fill. Keith will be back a week or so later. He has a new camera for me. A less expensive version of the Go Pro. They were on clearance at one of the Wal Marts he stopped at and asked if I wanted one. I said sure. It will make a nice dash cam or scooter cam. Plus, it is waterproof, so I can use it in the kayak if I ever get that out and use it. 

This morning it is around 80 degrees, so I have the two windows open and the fans going to try and exchange the air indoors. It has been a couple of weeks since I have been able to do that. Also low humidity this morning, so it is actually quite nice. I will have to close it all back up as soon as the sun comes up tho.

I didn’t bother to go to the post office. I will go on Monday after the distribution is done. Then I should be good until Friday.

Not much on TV last night. Ended up going to bed around 9:30. I had the spaghetti squash for dinner. I am still not a fan. I only had half of it, so I still have the other half to eat. It was not one of my better dinners. The other squashes will have to be cooked and frozen soon. It is too warm for them to last indefinitely. The potatoes too.

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