Thursday, August 6, 2015

More project materials

It is hot this morning, I am already sweating and the sun hasn’t even come up yet. 92 degrees and it feels like the humidity is up some too. 

I went and did my errands yesterday. Went to the market and got a watermelon, gassed up the car and finally figured out how to reset the trip odometer. Had to pull the manual out for that. Then I went to DG and picked up a few grocery items. But before that I stopped at Sal’s for the second time this week. I wanted something white that I could tie dye with permanent markers. Ended up with two white shirts, a resin bunny, some owls for an xmas gift and a piece of gourd that I can use in a basket. I also got a ring/sponge holder for the kitchen sink and a set of plain glass salt and pepper shakers. I spent $6.50. It’s funny, I was there on Monday and came away with nothing.

My bunny is cute. I think I paid a dollar for him. He is going to live indoors for the time being. Might end up on the patio eventually.

I picked up my acrylic paints, some silicone molds, my leather thimbles, and my test strips at the post office. I now have a set of 16 colors in acrylic paints. I shouldn’t have to buy any more. I will have to find my brushes, but I think they are with my watercolor stuff. Not sure. If they aren’t, they are in the shed.

I did not do any glass work. By the time I got done running around, it was too hot, and since I didn’t sleep well, I was too tired and not feeling creative. So I read instead. I had started a new book at breakfast and finished that up.

My knee is still hurting. At the moment it is kind of a dull ache. I’m not sure what I did to it, there is a slightly swollen area just above the knee cap. No puncture marks, so I wasn’t bitten by anything (thankfully).  I took some Aleve before I went out, some mid afternoon, and again just before bed. But I haven’t taken any yet this morning. Walking doesn’t hurt it, but sitting does. Go figure. I can’t imagine what I did to it in my sleep.

I’m finally doing better on my eating. No in between meal snacks, plain popcorn in the afternoon and low cal, low carb meals. The cravings have lightened up some too thankfully. I have no will power. I think the citrus in my water is helping with that. I got limes in my basket the last time and got some lemons at the food bank last week and have been putting them in my water. That seems to be when my cravings lightened up. If something that simple takes care of cravings, I will continue to do that. Now that I have test strips, I will be checking my blood sugar again, at least once every other day or so. I can usually tell what it is by the way I feel.

Not sure what I am going to do today. I’m not going to say I am going to fuse some glass since I have said that twice already this week and haven’t done it. I could do the marker tie dye…or work on some basket bases. I will do something. Would like to accomplish more than just reading a book in a day. Reading isn’t very productive. Hoping it will be a little cooler today, but at the moment it isn’t looking promising. Pam said she would try to have my dragonflies ready by today. I hope I am happy with them. I got some silicone molds on ebay so I could make my own resin bases. I like to do every aspect of a craft. The little gourd I got at Sal’s for fifty cents will be a base for an artisan basket. Right now, that is out of my comfort zone. I need to get more creative in my designs. This gourd will force that, at least with the shape.

Still waiting for some charms for the orange and red basket. Not sure if I am going to wax my tree before or after I decorate it. I should probably do it before. I have three waiting to be waxed including that one. But I am not anxious to fire up the oven in these temps. It can wait a while. At least until we have another day under 100 degrees. Or maybe some morning when I am up way too early.

Well, I guess that is about it. It is still hot, I am still keeping busy, and other than my knee, I am fine. The knee will be better in a few days. I might try icing it at some point. Just about time for my walk.

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