Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rock cactus

Talked with Howard yesterday, Barb is progressing slowly. They were talking about taking out her tubes yesterday. She is on a lot of pain meds and is out of it a lot of the time, but is doing as well as can be expected. 

I painted some cactus rocks yesterday. They aren’t as easy as they look. I did what I thought was going to be three sets, but the pots were larger than they should have been, so it ended up being only two sets. I need to do a few more at some point. I think I need to use a lighter green. After that I took the rest of the day off. 

I had done laundry, and I don’t like hanging my underwear outside where the world can see it, so I finally put up a line in the bedroom for the underwear or rainy laundry days. It is on cup hooks so I can easily take it down. Now I just need to find a container for the clothespins. 

Watched a couple of movies on DVD last night. Some of my $5 Kmart finds.

Not sure what I am going to do today. Maybe a reading day since it is the weekend. Maybe not. I do need to vacuum again. I’m starting to get a little antsy and want to get out and do something. There isn’t anyone here to do anything with tho. I will probably brave the highway and hit Blythe and do some grocery shopping some time this week. The pickings are getting pretty slim here. 

I think I am going to crock pot the stuffed cabbage soup again, but I don’t have any burger. I do have some fake burger left that Keith gave me before he left, I can use that I guess. Maybe there is a burger in the freezer somewhere, I will have to look. I have the cabbage, tomatoes and sauce, so I should be able to come up with something. 

I have been doing the beans and hotdog thing on Saturday nights, so that is one meal I don’t have to plan or prepare. But am down to the large cans of beans, so I will have to freeze the leftovers for next Saturday. 

I read about a way to reuse my cotton rounds and used wax melts. It also makes cleaning the melt dish much easier. I use the cotton rounds to soak up the wax and when they have cooled, they can be used as fire starters. I’m going to try to keep it to used rounds, but we’ll see. I have six so far. One cube does three cotton rounds.

I also ordered more pine needles yesterday. There was a seller on FB that was charging $5 less per lb than what I have been seeing, so I ordered 5lbs. That should last me the rest of the season or more. I got three pounds the last time and still have some left, so I should be good. I will be starting a new basket soon.

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