Sunday, August 16, 2015

More rocks and progress on the basket

It was hot here again yesterday. I think we hit 114. It is supposed to be like this a few more days. Then the low 100’s. Another few weeks of this and it should cool down a little. Hopefully. I could really use one day of cooler temps to get out in the shed and get that organized. I still can’t find my arrowheads or the orange glass beads I know I have. I did find some others I can use tho. 

I did three rocks yesterday, actually four, but the first one I scrubbed because I didn’t like it. Here they are…

I’m going to have to find a shelf of some sort to put them on. For now, I have fashioned stands for them out of paper clips.

I also made some progress on the basket..

I’m thinking today the beads will get worked in. I might even finish it if I get an early enough start. A couple more straight rows and then I will start curving it in.

The water in the toilet was yellow yesterday. It seems to have cleared up this morning. I guess this is a common thing here, but it was nasty. I'm so glad I installed my filter.

I didn’t want to walk this morning, it was 92 degrees and the sun hadn’t even come up, but I forced myself. Only a few more weeks of monitoring and then Glenn and Diane will be back. Then I can start walking outside the park for some visual stimulation. I am getting tired of walking the same streets day after day. And no, Jorge hasn’t been here to fix the fitting yet. 

Barb is having her surgery tomorrow. They are removing half of her left lung. Then she gets to do chemo and possibly radiation. I hope they get it all. They have the motorhome and have been in Phoenix for about five weeks already. They might get to go back to Yuma in the next couple of weeks.

Today I am going to shower, put the laundry away that I did the other day, and then paint a couple of rocks. Thinking chili pepper this morning. Maybe another dragonfly. I found some nice smooth rocks this morning while I was walking. I did find a larger flat rock for Wednesday’s class. Probably bigger than I need, but unless I find a smooth smaller one, it will have to do. All this rock painting is priming me to get my watercolor stuff out. Another week or two of rocks and I might be ready to branch out on my own. Kay (from the rock class) said there is a lady here that teaches watercolors for $7 per class. I may take a couple if I can get the information. I still can’t draw tho, so it will be interesting. And with the shake in my hand, nothing is smooth.

Oh, I also have to call AMEX, someone tried to charge $500 on my card last night, I got the email saying it was declined and I need to call them. Ugh, I hate dealing with crap like that. But I’m glad it didn’t go thru. 

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  1. I am so sorry about your friend Barb. I hope all goes well with her treatment plan.