Thursday, August 13, 2015

Painted rocks

I made it to the rock painting class, I was late, had trouble finding the place. It is way out of town and my gps sent me to the other side of town. I finally did find it after about 45 minutes, which made me a half hour late. Oh well, they hadn’t started yet. There was only one other person besides myself and the instructor. Both were very nice. 

Here is my first painted rock. I still need to mark it’s number and the date on the back.

There is another free class next Wednesday and I will be going to that one too. I will need a bigger rock for that one. I should be able to be on time now that I know where I am going.

By the time I got back and did what little shopping I needed and go to the post office, it was almost 2. So I ate and then read the rest of the day. I did have to hunt up my brushes as I am supposed to do a rock on my own this week and take it to class with me next week. I am thinking of doing the dragonfly that I have as my tattoo. But there are others out there I like too, so maybe I will do something different. I downloaded a bunch of images this morning. I do need to get some new brushes, mine are pretty ratty and very, very old and I don’t want to use my water color brushes on rocks. 

Having more trouble with the timer on D Street this morning. I went over and took it apart and put it back together again, but now it looks like it might be just the batteries. I have one 9v battery, but the thing takes two. So I will have to go to Herbs this morning and charge some batteries on the park account. I’m going to get an extra set, if one went, there will be others. Supposedly all the batteries were new before they left, but these look far from new. Hopefully that is all it is. Which means I probably used a new valve for nothing, but I will get it replaced anyway, that way the park will have a spare, and I will get my new one back.

We almost got some rain last night, but again, it went right by us. But we did have some impressive clouds. I got this pic with my phone.

It is so interesting the way the clouds layer out here and the way the sun interacts with them. We get impressive sunrises and sunsets. Lots of color.

Not sure if I am going to start a new basket today or paint a rock. I supposed I could do both if I managed my time right. But I also have a book that I started last night (no TV due to weather interference) that I would like to finish. I also need to air the tires in the scooter. Hal told me this morning that the back tire was soft. I can’t see them when I am on it and when I’m not, they look fine. But it did feel a little spongy. I don’t want to spend too much time outside tho because it is really hot and the humidity is up too. It stayed around 109 yesterday, and was almost 90 when I got up this morning with 50% humidity. That is uncomfortable. 

Well, time for me to get moving. 

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