Friday, August 14, 2015

My rock painting homework

I spent a little too much time outdoors yesterday morning, so once I got inside, my goal was to cool down. I went for my walk yesterday and discovered D Street, south side, wasn’t watering again. This is the one I just fixed on Sunday. So I came back, got the scooter and went back with tools and parts. It finally came down to bad batteries in the timer itself, and of course, I didn’t have two 9v batteries. I had to go buy some, which meant showering and dressing and going to the store. I did get an extra set to have some on hand. The park will pay for them. 9v batteries are not cheap. 

When I got back, I put the batteries in the timer, grabbed the scooter, my garbage and headed back to D St. Well, it was leaking, so I tried to tighten it up, and it broke. :( I probably could have fixed it, but it was more than I was willing to do. On the way back I got the air compressor out and aired up the scooter tires, and while I was at it, the car tires. But by then it was 111 degrees, and too hot to be outside. I over heated. Took a lot of water and sitting still to cool down. I called Jorge to come fix the connection, then read and finished my book about 1.

By then I had cooled down enough to feel slightly motivated and decided to do a rock painting. Picked out a template to use and found some photos online so I could have a guide on the actual painting because the template I chose didn’t have a color photo to go along with it. I decided to do a sunflower on a dark red rock. One of the ones I took to the class and didn’t use. The actual painting only took about an hour and it actually came out quite nice and didn't take very long to do. This is what it ended up looking like.

Thinking the next one will be a dragonfly. I have several to choose from and printed up a couple while I was printing the sunflower. Different than my tattoo, but just as nice. I already have a nice smooth rock to paint it on.

So this morning I have to check and see if Jorge showed up to fix the connector on D St. My guess is that he hasn’t. Three strikes if he hasn’t. I will call Glenn and have him call Jorge. This will be the third time I have asked him to do something and the other two times, he never followed through after saying he would. I don’t tolerate that.

Oh, while I was walking yesterday morning, I saw a hummingbird moth. Tried to get a picture of it, but it was still too dark.  Too bad. First one I have seen out here. He was buzzing around the desert willow flowers on B Street.

I did get the new basket started yesterday. Worked on it a couple of hours. It will be interesting to see how it ends up. I will probably keep it simple, but we’ll see. I do have some large glass beads I could put in it. Will have to find them tho. I really wish it would cool off enough to get the shed sorted and organized. It is my dumping place, and I can’t find anything that I haven’t already sorted. Still haven't found my arrowheads. Sigh….A few more weeks and I should be able to do that.

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