Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It is complete

I did my chores before I headed out yesterday. Vacuumed, washed the floor and dusted. Looked so much better. It is amazing how fast dust builds up here. 

I went and deposited some money into my new bank account, now I have to figure out how to move that money from one bank to the other. This morning’s challenge. From there I went to Family Dollar and The General Store. I got three more LED light bulbs, the bathroom has been changed over from incandescent to LED now. They were very expensive, but were some of the last to be changed over. I also picked up a couple of rugs they had on clearance, some colored pencils for rock painting, fall wax melts, and two fall coffee mugs. I guess I am starting a new mug collection. I have been using the red since I got them. I kept the green set too, but will save those for spring. I need to make another shelf for that cupboard so I will have room for the seasonal mugs.

Then I went to the post office and picked up my new sunglasses, glass paint, junk mail and Vicki’s new printer. I decided to skip Dollar General this trip out and went on to Salvation Army. I got another pair of shorts, a wax melter, and a heavy clear glass candle plate. Oh, and a bag of ribbon that had some orange grosgrain in it. I didn’t find any ribbon at FD, so it was perfect. 

Came back, had lunch, and started on beeswaxing the four finished baskets that I had. That was time consuming, but between the waiting, I also glued some bails on the glass pieces I wanted to make into pendants.

After all the waxing was done and the baskets cooled down, I finished the basket. Here is the finished product.

Today is my second rock painting class. I am going to take the basket and a few of the better pieces I did. Plus my blank rock to paint on today. I should be on time today. :) Hopefully. 

Tomorrow I will go back to glass fusing. I have a few more things to play with and experiment with. My red paint and copper paint came yesterday. The rubber stamps that I got at Sal’s are christmas stamps, might try those with the glass paint. 

That is about all I have this morning. I’m assuming no news on Barb is good news. 

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